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dannyres dannyres

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  • Looking at XNA - Part Two

    Wow that really is amazing!

  • Windows Live Messenger - What. How. Why.

    Interesting discussion.  Smiley  What are your opinions on programs such as Messenger Plus! Live?  I know your official position is, understandably, 'unsupported' but personally what do you think?  Also the 'roles' based addins seem very limited, even if you add more API's.  In the future will you offer standard API's like ChangeDisplayPicture, ChangeDisplayName, ChangePersonalMessage, OnMessageRecieved, OnStatusChanged etc etc?  Or even more powerful API's like OnDataRecieved?  Is this at all being looked at?  Thanks for a very interesting conversation! Big Smile
  • Diving into the Vista Heap

    rhm wrote:

    Maybe like me people had to stop the video half way through because they couldn't understand a word Adrian was saying. I don't mean any disrespect, it's a consequence of having lots of nationalities working for your company.

    Yeah unfortunatly this is the case for me.. I just couldn't understand it.