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darklotus darklotus Carpe Noctum
  • VS2008 Install under bootcamp

    Not that this will fix your issues under mac but...

    I am willing to bet, if you run vista on a machine that vista was intended to run on, you wouldnt get these issues.

  • Is Apple coding Leopard to run Windows natively?

    I just dont understand how Apple can make their OS only work for their machines (without intervantion) but they feel free to write things so they can use windows apps. It seems sorta one sided to me.

    "No you cant use our OS but we can boot yours and use your apps as we wish."

  • Vista and VS 2008

    I was wondering if VS 2008 will have the same issue VS 2005 has on Vista. I am looking at upgrading my laptop this weekend and i was going to install Vista on it. I then thought about all the VS 2005 issues (even after the SP's) and am sorta hesitant to install Vista. Will i have the same security issues and things not working correctly under Vista w/out having to turn off those annoying "are you sure" and "are you an admin" messages? I just want to be able to write code and envoke my IDE the same on Vista as XP and not have to hear all about "run as an administrator".


  • Anything like Terrarium out there?

    On the server page, they mentioned the source code would be released a few weeks after the exe was released, but they never released the source code. At least if they did as they said, someone else could take the code and continue on with it and maybe make it handle 2.0 and 3.0. but its lost forever i am afraid. It was a good thing...

  • Anything like Terrarium out there?

    I know its been a while since Terrarium was released and the latest server is only available for the 1.1 framework. Is there anything else like terrarium that happens to work with 2.0 or 3.0? I decided to install the old server and client and they work as long as things are the 1.1 framework. So i was hoping there was something else out there to help with learnign how to program and be fun like terrarium once was.
    Thanks for reading...

  • WPF Windows Apps - Bad Graphics Quality

    I am venturing into the world of WPF and have followed a few tutorials before making myself a template for the basics. I created a basic windows application and added a menu with a few menuitems and also a statusbar with a statusbaritem. All worked out very well and it all functioned correctly. However, it looks really bad. The text doesnt look right, almost like the font is pixelated or bleeding into its background. I have not created any styles so its basic text and so on.  Is there something i am missing in the markup that makes things look better? I have tried this on a few machines and they all look the same. I am not using an IDE at this time since everything is still in beta and my work machine cant afford to have beta stuff on it. Is there something i need in the csproj file to make it look better or is this just how it is?

  • Channel9 Joost invite thread

    if anyone has any invites left, i could use one. Thanks...

    nrhird {@} gmail {.} com

  • Expression Blend (Now In MSDN) and Vista

    Does Expression Blend and Expression Web cause any issues with Vista like VS 2005 does? I instaled VS.NET SP1 and the Vista SP and my VS 2005 doesnt seem to want to work correctly and it keeps asking me to be an Admin. I cant work like that nor do i want to disable all the security stuff. Since MSDN just published Blend, i was going to redo my system. If these have the same issues, i wont install them or go away from Vista. Just Curious. Thanks!

  • Reporting Services and Set Shared Data Source

    I am building an application to take a folder full of report files and adding them to sql reporting services 2005 via the web service. I can upload the reports correctly but i run into a problem because the datasource is invalid. I can go into the report manager and change them, but i would rather programatically set the data source to a shared datasurce that already exists on the server. How can i set the data source to a shared datasource when i upload the report through the web service?


  • Beginner WPF Tutorial?

    I downloaded the RC of Blend recently just to see what it was and i figured out what it was. I am wondering if there is a simple tutorial somewhere to help understand WPF and how it works. I am also looking for something to explain all the features of the xaml language and how i can compile these apps since there isnt really a way through VS 2005. This is all possible with just the 3.0 framework right or is there some beta component that isnt released yet?