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  • Pat Brenner: New Updates to MFC in Visual Studio 2008

    The video was very interesting and its great to see MFC on the bounce back.  Also the new tutorial videos on MFC are quite interesting.

    The colour changes and button edge smoothing via visual manager sounds promising but its not really enough (yet) to make it worth me upgrading from VS6 enterprise.

    Although i cant really compare / test the new MFC as its being held back from the express editions.

    Although a lot of time has been put in to Ribbon X,  it should be given to supplement the old style or maybe as an optional extra, not rammed down peoples throats, just alienates a huge amount of legacy users. Softly softly ...

    Like the prompter in the video intimated ...To be truly exciting MFC should be developed to allow drag and drop components on to a dialog like VB6 and borland C++.   

    It would have been nice to see is a simple drag and drop a ribbon icon to a dialog to give it full ribbon functionality.  Another example to drag and drop a directx component and just plonk it into a dialog to give full dx support.  If you dont like the drag and drop metaphor perhaps a radio button or tick box in NEW MFC EXE wizard.

    Dialog applications such as games and or simple apps to do things quickly are a great way for people to learn and leverage the huge power of windows to do simple tasks fast.   

    I think the biggest weakness in the past of MFC has been its under utilisation of the visual metaphor in creation of apps  compared to VB or Delphi.  (Just my opinion)

    I develop in C C++, VC6,  RAD in VB6, Delphi, Java, Flash

    For games, windows and performance,  C++ and assembler seem (to me) to be the only logical choice.

    Currently developing a Game in MFC (yes some would say madness but I prefer the word visionary).

    Why would any business make managed applications that can be instantly reverse engineered by competitors?

    Why would anyone after cross platform compatibility or server reliability use anything other than enterprise java?