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  • Scott Guthrie - Demo of next version of ASP.NET (Happy Birthday Video #1)

    Channel 9 Guys - This was great! Let me echo some of the other posters and say keep the videos on VS 2005 coming.

    To Scott Guthrie and your team -

    The features you guys have implemented in this release absolutely rocks. I'm a relatively new ASP.NET developer and I was trying to use VS 2003 for my development. But, creating so many new files automatically (as VS 2003 does) is more than a little disconcerting for a new developer.

    I found myself hand-coding all my ASP.NET stuff in Homesite+ just for the simplicity and the fact that it allows me to focus on the code rather than wonder what the heck VS is doing to my files. After the great experience of designing/testing Windows forms apps in VS 2003, trying to build ASP.NET apps was a pain by comparison. I think it's a case where more (as in more automation) was not better - it was just more.

    Nevertheless, I really like the approach you guys seem to be taking with VS 2005. Personally, I also like the default setting of opening in source view rather than design view.

    Anyway, great work, guys! Keep it up!

    DaveSea (Dave in Seattle)