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Dave Williamson davewill here birdie birdie, get in my belly!
  • Is anyone considering voting for Donald Trump?

    , evildictait​or wrote


    3 emails were affirmatively marked (C) on some paragraphs. Several thousand *should* have been marked CONFIDENTIAL, a tiny number should have been marked SECRET, and IIRC, one should have been marked TS//SAP


    Lots of this at the top:

    "C O N F I D E N T I A L " [other codes or section references]

  • Is anyone considering voting for Donald Trump?

    , TexasToast wrote

    I as others have mentioned cannot vote for Hillary Clinton.  I worked as a Defense contractor and I know i would be doing jail time if i did what she did with classified information.

    Supposedly these are all marked C. 32,000+/-


  • Is anyone considering voting for Donald Trump?

    , Ian2 wrote

    Looks like you guys need more options then - I assume too late for that now?

    Started with 17 candidates.  What was needed were candidates who were free of corruption and influence and showed the courage to rip up the existing corruption and influence once in office.  Of those 17 picking was slim.

  • very strange bug in sql management studio 2016

    Does everything on the right side display go and come back at this same time? i.e. right side display is being dropped temporariliy from Windows for some reason.

  • Pokemon Go the best example of AR?

    So far it seems to be the best way to

    get mugged

    give up volumes of information


    I've been hearing a lot of trespassing complaints.  It would be a good opportunity for parents to teach their kids about boundaries. But every news blurb seems to show a group of kids without an adult. Sigh.

  • coffeehouse: a great place to flood with junk

    , MasterPi wrote


    "Mark as spam" doesn't really do anything. I'm talking about controls for actually removing posts.

    Bulk removal and post time out. That's all we really need. It doesn't have to be complicated.

    There has to be some purpose to the "mark as spam" now. Surely it increments a bucket on the backend (heaviest from admins, heavy from longer term users, less for new, etc).  And then at some point when the total in the bucket hits a threshold it hides the spam post.

    Doing the same with an entire account was where I was suggesting.

  • coffeehouse: a great place to flood with junk

    , MasterPi wrote

    All we need is multi-select "Remove spam"...

    and/or the ability to "mark as spam" on the account profile page. i.e. indicate the entire account is a spammer.

  • WFT

    , TexasToast wrote

    ...  Globalization is coming to an end and we will all go back to local.  ...

    I sure hope so. The global monopolistic power tripping stuff has to end. Fingers crossed that a healthier set of checks and balances re-takes hold.

  • New overtime rules in U.S.

    Here is the final of the new overtime rules in U.S. for those who are involved in small business.

    It is also helpful for those who just need a nap.  Give it a whirl as it should only take about 2 minutes to knock you out. :)





  • Question about Azure Security

    A tendency in the 2 Azure account route is someone is going to want to avoid logging out of one account and into the other account when working with the azure portal and sure as the world they will give the other account an AD entry to facilitate working with the resources under each without logging in and out.  If browsers actually cleanly logged in and out then this wouldn't be an issue but it sure seems like that isn't the case yet.

    Given your last comment .... another option might be to use the Azure Virtual Networks feature to sit your protected server within.  But this depends more on what it needs to get to and from and how much complexity that might add.