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Dave Williamson davewill here birdie birdie, get in my belly!
  • Joe Duffy says: big year head, stay tuned

    Yea.  It took a decade but it is nice to see the C syntax based folks coming around to the VB concepts (even if it has curly braces).

  • Signing previously unsigned and distributed binaries

    @NoelCarboni: If it is signed by a cert that chains to a trusted root cert on the machine then it shouldn't matter.

  • Signing previously unsigned and distributed binaries

    @PerfectPhase: The message I'm receiving is Yes.  If it loads into executable memory then it needs to be signed.

  • Signing previously unsigned and distributed binaries

    @kettch: I was thinking about the implementation for a business who is installing software from a 3rd party. The 3rd party may be distributing runtimes or other dependencies that are from another 3rd party who hadn't signed those. So the sysadmin doing the install could be faced with several levels of unsigned executable binaries (additionally the installation and its related binaries).

    While the installation may be uneventful, the execution of part(s) of the system that were installed may exhibit errors or odd behavior when unsigned dlls are attempting to load. (not sure how Windows surfaces or would surface feedback on this type of condition)

    Seems like we will initially be seeing sysadmins turn off signature checking during the installation phase then turn it back on when turning the system over to the user.  Which I'm guessing (would like more info on this) would lead to sysadmins scratching their heads and having to "revisit" the installation and ultimately have to either turn off signature checking or ferret out the binaries that need to be signed and sign them with a local cert.

    I don't know.  Haven't been faced with customers in a configuration like this yet.  But its coming.

    Seems like if we want to encourage machine configurations which require all binaries to be signed, then we need to visit signing binaries that were compiled in the last X years and sign those to reduce the friction.

  • Signing previously unsigned and distributed binaries

    There seems to be a stronger push toward Windows machines not running anything that is not signed.

    What I haven't seen go with this push is the corresponding push to re-release previously released un-signed binaries with signatures.

    Is anyone else making (or already implementing) plans to sign previously un-signed binaries for re-release?

  • Microsoft Hello

    Too tall an order today but hopefully the goal is the entire person, both physical and mental, is required.  We don't need bad guys taking just the one part needed to authenticate.

  • There is no escape from the suck-train!

    @NoelCarboni: Maybe "everyone" hasn't lost their mind.  Maybe those who have some computing chops don't cause the wheel to sqeak the loudest anymore.  Maybe computing has reached the numbers of non-technical masses and has created a larger revenue stream.  As a result Microsoft is attempting to expand its presence to encompass this stream for the revenue and its own self preservation from anyone else who might become bigger off this new stream of revenue.

  • There is no escape from the suck-train!

    @BitFlipper: I wonder if the root issue is burn out.  Maybe end users just craved a change for change's sake and an "appliance" came along that hides the pain of change (in the short term :) ).

  • VB may finally become usable language

    While rewriting 2,000 lines of C# code into VB.NET today the happy moment reminded me of this thread.

    Happy Steps (proceed with caution):

    CTRL + H




    ALT + A


    ITS FRIDAY! :)

  • Jeffsand left his job at Twitter

    I'm just glad he is back.  That whole San Fran and liquefied grass diet stuff was quite worrying.  :)