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Dave Williamson davewill here birdie birdie, get in my belly!
  • Scheduled task help!

    @Jaz: If a whole set of scheduled tasks stopped working at once then i'd suspect an authentication failure.

    If all the scheduled tasks were setup using the same account then check the account to see if it is a local or (as w3bbo states) an active directory account.

    If the account is a local account then they may be relying on matching user/password passthrough between machines.  Check both machines involved and make sure both sides have the same user/password combination.

    If the account is an AD account then follow the security chain to verify that the account is in at least one security chain which provides sufficient access for what the scheduled task is attempting to do on both source and destination machines involved.

    At the very least the scheduled task account will need:

    1. Ability to connect to the destination machine.

    2. Ability to traverse the destination's directory tree or whatever specifics the scheduled task does.

    3. Ability to traverse the directory tree on the source machine.

  • OK, Microsoft has gone crazy

    A little sarcasm to add to paolo's.  enjoy  Smiley

  • Micrsoft: lost at sea with no compass?

    , figuerres wrote

    to many confusing messages, to many things like are comming across as "oh we are onboard this too" 


    What?  The shotgun blast approach isn't fun!  Hang back a little bit.  Big companies have the resources to throw ____ into the fan and see what sticks.  Its a viable business strategy.

    If your feeling like the technology being depended on could get yanked out from under you then its time to make some changes that limit the exposure.  I'm not saying new technology shouldn't be used but take some precautions to protect the code base.  Don't forget that we used to do this all the time with other vendors when the Microsoft's stack wasn't as broad.

  • Need some input related to SQLite or alternative methods.


    ID, K, 4B - why would writing that to a flat file be larger that what SQLite would use?  It can't be.  Your not having to store any of the overhead related to the engine.

    Since your records are inserted in order by both ID and K you could store in a flat file and be able to read back fairly well, although you didn't mention much about the requirements of who/what needs to get this data that has been stored.  If there is a need to retrieve data records out in relation to other data then taking the flat file route will tend to force the other data being related to be in a similar storage mechanism (i.e. less friction in the relation).  We need to know more ...


    What will the 1 billion records be used for once they are stored, regardless of SQLite or flat file?  Fast Min/Max for what (the first record is the min, the last record is the max, so there must be more to this).

    What time duration targets for storing the 1 billion records must you beat?

  • RIA Services

    What is an "a$$hats" anyway?  It is hard enough to find a good fitting and durable hat for ones head.  I can't imagine how long it would take to find one to fit my fat a$$.

    Here is a comment that seems useful in code.  Surely we can all agree on that one.  Smiley


  • Ballmer in the News...

    Einhorn's fund owns .11 percent of the outstanding shares.  After Ballmer finishes selling his remaining planned share sales this year he will have 3.9 percent.

    I am having a tough time seeing the publicity for Einhorn's comments as anything more than media furvor.

    Ballmer has a much larger piece of his cheese at stake.

  • USB Thumb Drives and Windows 7

    Do the Windows 7 systems involved have all the latest windows updates.  i know i saw at least one update released for 32+ GB media but danged if i can find a reference for it.

  • Political thread. Difficulty: no raymond postings

    , W3bbo wrote


    Well, if we're going to exchange recommend viewing material, I might recommend this one by Adam Curtis:


    checked it out.  watched every second,  wasn't quite sure how the discussion of positive liberty and negative liberty related to your original subject matter of

    "I was having a discussion with a friend of mine about the role of the state in shaping society. I proposed that increased social programs funded by the taxpayer can work to prevent disenfranchisement and ghettoisation and so rise the 'baseline' of society which in turn benefits everyone eventually"

    but by minute 59:00 of the video when the end statements swung back to postive liberty then i figured out where your coming from.  i think very unsurely.

    i believe that state government should be the representative of its people and the federal government is the agent for the states.  neither the state nor federal governments play a role in shaping society as they mearly reflect their constituents and do not shape their constituents.  the people can work to prevent disenfranchisement for other people.  your question was "is it ethical to resume "the experiment" ".  i don't know that i can answer that because i'm not sure i understand what you think the "experiment" entails.  if you think the "experiment" entails the theory of negative liberty with the inclusion of force to spread the idea of liberty then the "experiment" should not be resumed.  if you think the "experiment" entails the theory of positive liberty then the "experiment" should not be resumed.  if you think the "experiment" entails the theory of negative liberty without the use of force to spread the idea of liberty then yes the "experiment" should be resumed.

    you make the statement that ""The Great Experiment" of the USA has worked, there's no denying that".  i'd have to disagree if it entails the use of force to spread liberty.  it has only been in the most recent of the 200+ year history that the USA has used force beyond defensive force on such a large scale to try and create a pocket of liberty in the middle of a zone without.  it has only been in the most recent of the 200+ year history that the USA has gotten away from individual liberty and leaned torward an inverted model where the federal government is at the top of the hierarchy, states below that, local governments below that, the people on the bottom (the reality is the hierarchy isn't quite there yet but sure seems to be getting close to it).  we do not need to resume the "experiment" if this is part of the "experiment".  the hierarchy should always be the people at the top, local government representatives, state government representatives, and the federal government who works for the state governments as an agent representative.  as such only the people have the true power to shape society.  it is up to people to help people.


    , cheong wrote

    The average price of 30 days is to be calculated in backend at day end, because of volume of data and the repeatative nature of calculation.


    I took his comment to mean that it would be better to take the performance hit executing the view at the end of the day than to take the performance hit with each insert/update/delete throughout the day.

  • Political thread. Difficulty: no raymond postings

    @W3bbo: so i guess a viewing party over chips and beer is out.  Sad