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Dave Williamson davewill here birdie birdie, get in my belly!
  • Working for a startup

    Your already 1/2 way there.  Your thinking bigger picture which means your able to weigh risk versus reward more accurately.

    Having joined a 5 man company right out of college and growing (500%) with it for a decade and then seeing the tech bubble bursting take it down matured my perspective.

    Study the sandbox:

    I'd highly recommend getting intimate with the market that the company serves and the competition in that market.  You want to make a determination on where you think the market will be 5 years from now.  As the market goes the company goes.  You also want to take into account how the startup in financed.

    Study the ship's captains:

    You will want to get as good a feel as possible for the owners of the company.  If you sense a clash of personalities it is sure to be a bad long term sign.  The reverse is also a good sign.

  • The Radio

  • The gmailman

    @Sven GrootMadCKurt: Curious.  Does that same restriction apply to non-advertisement sales pitches as well?

  • new programming competition

    Oh my that avatar.  It looks like a regurgitated cat with a 3 day sunburn.

  • Yellow Pages Phone Book Scam

    @ScanIAm: We use the yellow pages first then the internet second.  We try to hire people/companies who are "neighbors" first then work out from there.  Most mom/pop type operations will have an entry in the yellow pages, less will have an internet presence.

  • Strange "System" folder in D drive.

    It is very important to note ManipUni's step "Once everything is closed".  You can't take ownership and change ACLs at the same time.

  • Annoying bug in IE9 - Anyone else see this too?

    ,exoteric wrote

    I've been experiencing another issue as well. Downloading the STL lectures to a network location IE 9 is stuck at 99% or 100%. (Samba folder on Linux NAS.)


    @exoteric: I missed this post back in May.  I've seen the same behavior. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2566258

  • SQL Server LocalDB == SQLCE NG ?

    It reads like a further progression of SQL Server Express.  Currently, databases can be loaded adhoc.  Sounds like now the engine is getting closer to xcopy deployment.  If so this is a good thing.  Hopefully it means the other editions of SQL Server are also getting closer to xcopy deployment.

  • Strange problem with VS2008 debugger

    @spivonious: I've had a similar issue in the past when a previous build created corrupt binaries (obj, pdb, etc).  The fix was to clean out the solution then do a rebuild all.

  • Are IT departments always a 6th leg?

    @Jaz: Yes.

    IT is the knowledgable internal service provider to the rest of the company.  They work for the other departments.  Not the other way around.

    This isnt' to devalue IT as IT's value is derived from an internal understanding of the company and it's competitive advantages that an outsider can not be privy too.  Without this internal knowledge the company could very well land on a future business path that isn't compatible with the technology needed to remain more competitive than their competitors.