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  • Larry Osterman: Windows 7 Audio - What's New

    I know I'm reviving an old thread very close to the release of this OS, but I'm wonder if I've missed something...

    As others have described above, I'm trying to run streams through different outputs simultaniously:

    1. I want my windows sounds through the "High Def" 3.5mm output on the back
    2. I want Media Center to play back via the SPDIF header (through my video card through the HDMI to my TV)
    3. My Skype/Live Messenger via my MS LifeChat 3000 headset

    I can achieve the 1 and 3, or 2 and 3, but not all three. I'm not seeing how I can select a "stream" to a particular output aside from the afformentioned.

    Am I asking too much of my high end expensive machine?? Devil