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  • WPF 3.5 SP1 Deployment with Troy Martez

    I remember complaining about deployment in the Coffeehouse when .NET 3.5 came out and was pretty much hammered on for being an idiot who had no ability to manage deployments.

    Kudos to you guys for getting this done!  Maybe we'll be able to use .NET 3.5 after all!
  • Virtualizat​ion

    Man that's cool stuff!

    I've been wanting to switch over to virtual server for a long time (from vmware gsx).  Unfortunately, I've never been able to get permissions to work right. I haven't been able to get a vm running as anything other than admin.

    It's surprising because MS server products are usually easier to configure. 

  • Suzan DelBene: From referee to VP

    Charles wrote:
    It's interesting that your reaction to the release of three women-in-technology-oriented videos is so negative. My advice to any of you who feel compelled to complain about this issue is simply this: Just don't watch the videos here that are of no interest to you, rather than complaining about how they are of no interest to you to the rest of us. We always relese a variety of content on Channel 9 so that people are free to choose to watch or listen to what they find interesting. I find this constant b*tching about the WM_IN series annoying. If you don't like it, then don't watch it. Sorry about being terse, but I'm a little angry about this and not afraid to share it with you.
    The main point of my earlier post came at the bottom.  I think the WM_IN series needs to be more than just cheerleading. Highliting women for the sake of being women (especially if they're all PMs) isn't really going to do anything new.  Show us the geeks.  Have an interviewee show us some kick-(I need to watch my language) demos and then ask her about what it's like to be a woman in tech afterwards.  You'll face a much more captive audience.
  • Suzan DelBene: From referee to VP

    Seriously guys... enough with the WM_IN series already.  C9 is getting pretty boring these days as I count 3 of the last 6 vids being WM_IN videos and 1 a four minute impromptu video.

    Learn some moderation.  1 WM_IN video every couple weeks or more would be fine, but I get the impression you're now very heavily focused on making those videos.

    Which brings me to why this series is flawed anyway.  Show the female geeks!  The women that will make the niners think, "I wish I had her skills."  Not the PMs. Let the femGeeks impress with demos just as the manGeeks would and then maybe spend 5 minutes at the end of the video discussing the finer points of being a woman in technology.  Treat them equally guys.  If I only watched the WM_IN series I'd think: "Gee wiz! At microsoft, woment can only be PMs.  There really aren't doing any of the powergeeking."  Which is really a disservice to what I assume you want to accomplish.  Let's see more Molly Brown.  There are women on the Avalon team (Lauren Lavoi, I think.  I saw her PDC presentation) and women working on the .NET GC (Maoni Stephens).  Let's see them guys if you want to make this series worth anything at all.
  • Kevin Schofield - Tour of Microsoft Research, Part II (machine learning)

    Where can I get that email prioritizing program?