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  • Scott Guthrie - Talking ASP.NET and IIS 7.0, Part II

    <facetious remark>
    hmmm... 8,000 security reviews at 30-180 minutes per review?

    Using my supreme maths skillz I predict ASP.Net 2 and IIS 7.0 will ship to customers in between 166.67 and 1,000 days.

    </facetious remark>

    Actually, that sounds about right anyway...
  • Daniel Lehenbauer - Demo of Avalon 3D

    Another excellent video!

    On the subject of xaml interfaces:

    I'm assuming that at some point we are going to see a set of standardised 3d form controls (textboxes, list boxes, etc) for use within Avalon.

    This video was great for showing a rather low level way to plot 3d primitives point by point, but most app developers will want to use much more abstract commands to set the interface.

    I think xaml will really shine when we can see how easy it is to build slick, 3d styled interfaces with a minimum of camera plotting needed.

    And a thought, how about making xaml forms backwards compatible with asp.net forms?
  • Jean Paoli - Co-creator of XML, part I

    Very Good Video.

    I'd like Jean to expand a little more on the division between the document design and structure - he mentioned it a little, but I think there's more exploration that needs to be done for XML to reach its potential.

    In my experience in web dev, the biggest problem with creating a library of structured documents is the quality of output from the content creators, who are usually non-technical. You can get them to fill in fields, drop downs, and text boxes, so I understand how apps such as access forms and excel spreadsheets lend themselves to xml data. However, a word doc situation is different. As soon as you give them an opportunity to format text with fonts, colors, etc, any standard structure seems to fly out the window.

    Have you noticed how a lot of office workers use word like it's a dtp app? How do you get these users to give up formatting, and just enter source?? You can create as many templates as you like, but if you force them to use one, chances are they'll be back asking you if you could just add a way they can add 24 point blinking red verdana type to your carefully designed, subtle blue and black template.

    I understand why the content creators think like this. For years, they were given free reign to design however they wanted in these very powerful apps, such as Word, and now we are asking them to stop and think about the data. How do we change their mindsets?

    Oh, and the 24 point blinking red verdana text thing was a true story. That Marketing Manager nearly put me into therapy.