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  • IWP 57 | Location and Mapping for Windows Phone 8

    Love the Episode.

    Shows me that what I have in mind is possible with minimal friction.

    I can't help feeling that Larry was a little too rough on Mathias with the constant direction in presentation and coaxing.

    Other than that, IWP is my new favorite channel9 show.

  • Diagnosing Application Issues - 01

    I concur.  Slides would be great.  My organization is entirely new to .NET and we need all the resources that the great folks at MS provide Big Smile


  • Abolade Gbadegesin: Inside Windows Phone "Mango"

    Thank you Charles, and thank you Abolade.

    Excellent video.  I share your enthusiasm you have for the product.

    Great work.  I'm running Mango dev preview and I think the team did a fantastic job.

  • Windows Phone ​Architectur​e: Deep Dive

    More sensors, More virtual sensors.


    I see my WP7 as being the precursor to the Star Trek Tricorder. 

  • Windows 7 and SSDs

    @wegl: I did this during my first foray into the world of SSD technology.  I was using win7 and a 30GB SSD.  When I did it, I booted into safe mode upon new install, created a temp admin user with a different profile location.  using that logon, I used xcopy to move the user files to the new drive.  I then created a 'hard link' from c:\users to my HDD drive path.  There are some good instructions online to do this.  It was a real pain in the butt when that spindle based drive failed.  Something to consider.

  • Ping 87: Paramount on Windows Phone, H264 & Firefox, P Diddy, neosaurs, Microsoft is cool!

    Just checked the "School of Rock" app from Paramount.  To answer your question, it doesn't stream.  You need to download the content, both movie and add-ons.


  • The basics on navigating the Kinect

    @aL_: As an owner of the unit i can agree with most of the points you made here.  I find it cumbersome to hover, and the experience needs to be more pervasive.  The one place I would like to see the kinect experience incorporated in would be Media Center Extender.

    Brian Regan comedy sketch about the directions for microwaving Pop Tarts as if the toaster solution is just too onerous to wait for.
    .  Brian Regan is soo funny.


    @CKurt: The unit doesn't recognize fingers.  Another option would have been to use a 'push gesture' to select, but that's probably patented by Canesta.  Now that they are a part of our family, we may see that come in a future dashboard update.


    I have also heard rumors of it being compatible with mediaroom.  I hope this is true, as it means my son will finally be able to control his own television viewing experience even with his cerebral palsy.

  • PDC10 and the new Online Experience

    As a poor Canadian on the prairies, I do appreciate the effort.

    Thank you Eric, and everyone at Channel 9. You are my double rainbow. All the way.  Across the sky.