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  • Mark Russinovich Live

    Apologies. Right after 2:00 you mentioned that Scott did a demo of a game using service fabric. Can you provide the link to that? Part of a keynote?

  • An Introduction to ​Microservic​es with Mark Russinovich

    Great video summary.

    Can we do a deep dive with how to do an application using a naming service? Maybe a super simple example where you have a page, with two text boxes & button, click the button, it adds two numbers together using a GET request via the naming service [which two calculator endpoints, running in some container are registered] to find what servers are running an adding service? I know I'm needy but if you put out an example I am happy to follow :)

    PS: I drink the Microsoft coolaid so if you show me which one will play best with MVC and can run in a private cloud I'll be the happiest.

  • ASP.NET 5: Performance

    Damian, thank you for your talk.

    I was wondering if you've pulled in the server team to look at network stack performance on your setup. An abnormal number of times when looking at web performance I found fundamental problems with BIOS configuration (power savings), and network related drivers & configuration accounted for more time then I ever could have squeezed out of the framework -- assuming HTTP cache headers aren't going to save the day.

    I would love to see videos or blog entries about your journey -- sometimes 140 characters on twitter isn't enough to convey the great work & lessons you have to share.

  • Jeffrey Snover: Windows Server 2012, ReFS, Modern Storage and More

    As somone that sits more on the server administrator side I would love to see more videos with Jeffrey Snover -- I would like to know more about this powershell/messaging task system system; what was its code name? Where can I find some example scripts?

    I would like to see powershell support 2 features that have been in SSH (primarily found on *nix based devices) - port forwarding & file transfers within the managment connection (keeps the network boys happier too)

    It's a small link at the top but might help others that are interested

  • Defrag: Mem Cleaners, Syncing Favorites, Batch Image Resize

    For the network problem: he said he walked away for a while, which leads me to believe its power settings. and when he restarts he says that it doesn't work unless he powers off the machine for 10 minutes -- sounds like he might be hibernating. My first suggestion would be device manager (devmgmt.msc) > Network Adapters > *select your network card* > Right click > Properties > Power Management Tab > Uncheck all options ("Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"). If that doesn't work I would try disabling hibernate temporarily... Always try the free software things before buying a new router -- unless you work at M$ and have money to burn.

  • Defrag 005 - Sound card malfunction, App ​restriction​s, Remote Access

    I thought that you need a 64-bit driver if you were running a 64-bit kernel/version of windows. You suggest that you can run 32-bit drivers on 64-bit machines. Is this limited to only drivers that run as a user-mode driver?

  • Defrag 003 - Win7 Shutdown Slowdowns, Prob Step Recorder, MSI Failures

    I like where this show is going. Keep up the good work

  • Defrag 001: Startup Slow Downs, Can't Boot, Blue Screens, Homegroup, IE Logins

    I would like to know what are some of the most complex problems Gov has encountered... So far I would consider these tips good but 'common knowledge'.  I'm looking for 'Case of the Unexplained' type stuff. I would like to hear real enterprise customer issues and resolutions...

    One thing I ran into this week: I started a new job; first thing I installed IE9 RC on the machine and found that when say 'open link in new tab' the full URL wouldn't get copied to the new tab and it would say 'Connecting...' but wouldn't actually load.  It turns out that the problem actually pre-existed in IE8 and was related to a dll not being registered in the correct order. - Once I solved that I couldn't figure out why I couldn't do searches from the address bar. In the Mange Addons > Search providers section the  "search from address bar" for was greyed out for all search engines. It turns out this was coming from a group policy which was originally designed for previous releases of IE; it would be nice if a tooltip would atleast say why it was greyed out ("Administrator has disabled this option"?)...


  • Inside IE 9’s High Performance JavaScript Engine

    "For example, the ability to change execution strategies based on power state (if a PC is on battery power, for example, then limit the amount of codegen)."  ... I believe this is mentioned in the video as well...


    And then you guys talked about how it's bad to let the developer give 'hints' how to run the code [generally I agree], so I'll assume there is no "disregard power state flag"...  I can just imagine someday, somewhere, people are going to hit a bug where someone complains "the website seems slow on my browser but only on my laptop and only on my commute to work".


    Honestly, I dislike the idea of VM logic changes based on state (such as current load or power state) for anything but garbage collection


    Just get it right Smiley

  • Anders Hejlsberg and Gilad Bracha: Perspectives on Programming Language Design

    I believe in that PDC talk Anders also implied that he was a strong supporter of statically typed languages. I wonder, is that still the case?

    If so, kudos to him be such a good interviewee and superb language designer... I admit I stopped looking when I found C#. It covers my needs -- 99.8% anyway.

    (Adding HTTP headers in WCF could've been a little easier Smiley)

  • Bill Hill: The Future of Reading on the Web, Part 2

    Right on Bill. I thought about this specific issue when I wrote the sample script but I assumed the editors back in the day would check for the matching end quote.  I didn't know the full history of the works.

    I find it interesting your approach. I'm sure in the past the method of choice would be to save in a publisher-friendly format (word exported pdf). I suppose the point is the developer/designer/publisher should have options of how to format things easily.

    There is no reason you can't give the script more advanced logic; maybe even put the display logic in JavaScript so it can best adapt to changing displays. For example if you had some function that would calculate the ideal character width of the page or column for a given client then you could change the works to auto justify, and get optimal page breaks.

    I'm a very lazy person -- I would have wrapped this in an ASP master page and written a few scripts because chances are you're going to do all this work and 2 years from now someone will have the bright idea to change <br> to mean 1.5 line-spacing or something and you'll have to re-do all your efforts.

    Anyway Bill, good luck on your project...

  • Bill Hill: The Future of Reading on the Web, Part 2

    Bill, I can't remember if you requested something like this on part 1 or part2; but it's a script to replace " with correct typography quotes in HTML... It reads a file called testcontent.txt and does the replacement and puts the new content in testcontent.html.  If you combine this with a directory reader you could make quick work of it.  I might the 900th person to send you this but atleast I can sleep knowing I tried to help.

    Enjoyed the post as always...

    var fso = new ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject");

    // Read a file containing our quoted content
    var file = fso.OpenTextFile("testcontent.txt",  1, true, 0);
    var content = file.ReadAll();

    // This line says find everything between " and ", record that as $1, then. We return the output as &#0147; + $1 + &#0148;
    var content = content.replace(/\"([^"]+)\"/g, "&#0147;" + "$1" + "&#0148;");

    // Save the new content to an html file
    var file = fso.OpenTextFile("testcontent.html",  2, true, 0);