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dejawoo dejawoo

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  • Vittorio Bertocci: WS-Trust - Under the Hood

    Hi Vittorio,

    great to hear from you.. thanx.

    no I m not working with different technology. I work in .Net enviornment. but Im kind a feeling my self new in .Net 3.0. specifically WCF. Resources gives me lot s of hints but could not help me to achieve my task. so here s my problem.

    Im havng a client which should send to my first STS username+password+extra parameter. As I know I can not extend UsernamePasswordToken. So how can I send it to my STS. I have seen building a custom token. I tried it works fine when there is single point to query. I mean not three parties as in federated scenario. And another thing bothering me that with the magic of bindings all happening in single hop. The fact that my client should get list of endpoints of actual service from STS. so in my case I guess it will not work. I have to do myself in sequence. If I m doing it in sequence.. then there is no point for WS-Trust is not it?

    could you help me please... thank you. my direct address is deja_woo@hotmail.com

  • Vittorio Bertocci: WS-Trust - Under the Hood

    Hi Vittorio,


    like the video thankx was useful. I got one question how I can send extra parameter to STS. I know that I cannot extend the UsernameSecuritytoken. I tried to send SAML token but it s requiring to be signed... can u give me some hints. is it possible to issue a token without having another local tokenprovider.. ruslan.