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  • The Maker Show: Episode 6 - Soldering Basics

    , FrankLaVigne wrote

    @dentaku:thanks for the tip. I'm still a soldering n00b. :) I'll practice more and shoot another video with lessons learned. :D

    There's al lot you can learn from watching Dave Jones's videos.
    there are other soldering videos out there that show you what military regulations require but they're ridiculous. No average person would bother soldering like that. :)

    By the way, this ancient PACE video is still totally useful today. It also explains the importance of flux which some people add to their PCB before soldering but for something like a new untarnished logic level translator like you have you can just rely on the flux already in the core of your solder.

    Does the other side of you spool of solder show if I has flux in the core? The image you show in the video doesn't mention it on the label.

  • The Maker Show: Episode 6 - Soldering Basics

    I'm not trying to be a troll, just giving you some advice.
    Touch the iron to the copper pad on the PCB AND the pin at the same time then touch the solder to the opposite side of the pin.
    You were just touching the top of the pin and hoping the solder melts so you ended up with rather ugly looking joints.
    For soldering 0.1 inch headers like that you're better off forgetting the helping hands and just plugging it all into a breadboard, using it as a jig, so everything lays flat and square.

    Part 2 of this three part series by Dave Jones is a good place to start.

  • Defrag Tools #106 - Larry Osterman - 30 Years - Part 1

    This is the first C9 video I've watched in a while but how could I resist Larry Osterman's stories :)

  • Edge Show 98 - Windows 8.1 Update

    Having the boot to desktop mode, new minimize/close buttons, desktop background in new start menu, taskbar in fullscreen modern apps and store apps in the taskbar have made Win8's interface so much less claustrophobic for us desktop/mouse users.
    A few little things has made a big difference. For non-techy people, just the close X and the more obvious shutdown icon is a big deal to make it less scary.

    One thing that's still missing in this update which would force me to use a different browser is the lack of a way to turn on Cleartype in IE11 with Win8.
    My eyes simply cannot stand reading text without Cleartype.

    I know all the reasons why this has been done (it doesn't work right in portrait mode or on pentile displays etc.) but just like the new changes are for people who use mice instead of touch, the ability to use Cleartype in IE11 would be great for those of us who use displays that will never be used any other way than in landscape mode.

  • Sequencers, ​Synthesizer​s, and Software, Oh My! Building Great Music Creation Apps for Windows Store

    , ComputerLove wrote

    How about RTP-MIDI built-in?


    Absolutely... totally agree
    A tablet is fine as a controller but a more powerful PC is always better for the actual sound creation so linking them together wirelessly is the obvious way to do it.

    I'm going to watch the video now, hopefully there's something that least you add virtual MIDI devices in Win8.1 without having to rely on stuff like Midi-Yoke.

  • Ping 190: Surface 2, SteveB's Last Song, iPhone Trade-in, and Apps Sharing Limits

    It's been quite a while since I watched an episode of Ping. It's good to have more technical people hosting Ping.

    As for add-ons for the Surface it would be great to have a keyboard layed out like the Grantophone app. The advantage would be that it's pressure sensitive, unlike a touchscreen.
    A Harpejji style keyboard or a hexagonal one like the AXIS 64.

    Having the current one with the faders and the MPC style pads show up in any app as a standard MIDI controller would be great too.

    It's pretty much useless without MIDI support.

  • Surface Remix Project

    , Trillian wrote

    This is an interesting idea, but I feel like MIDI support in WinRT would be more useful in making the Surface a great tool for remixers and composers.

    If anyone reading C9 has ANY influence on how MS products are developed, you just made a very good point and I hope they know this.

    Also... This touchcover is a step in the right direction but if it can't send MIDI with it (even in full Win8) then it's as good as useless for musicians. I don't know enough about it yet to tell if it DOES support MIDI, hopefully I'm wrong.

    Assuming it doesn't send MIDI data, it seems to me that it wouldn't be difficult to build some software that converts it's output to regular MIDI which can then be sent through MIDI-Yoke or something like that to any application.

  • Surface Remix Project

    The first thing I though about when I saw a touchcover was that it would be possible to make a MIDI controller with it much like the AKAI MPC FLY.

    I've been following Open Labs for many years and it's interesting to see this because I'm assuming this came about because of Linkin Parks connection with Open Labs and their use of Windows in their instruments.

    I wonder if Stagelight is optimized for small touchscreens like the Surface Pro.
    FL Studio Groove looks like it definitely is.

  • Channel 9 turns 9!

    There's not a while lotta pixels in some of the early videos Smiley

    Charles and Dan has acquired quite allot of grey hair in these 9 years too.

  • TWC9: IE10 for Win7, VS Guides, Image Watch, Tons of Training and more

    So, can anyone assure me that IE10 in Win7 still uses Cleartype?
    If Cleartype is always off in IE10 like it is in Win8 then I'm not going to be able to use it.

    No Cleartype = my eyes watering within a few minutes of using it

  • Netduino, GDI and a playable ​Invaders-​like game...

    That's exactly the same breadboard as I got very recently. Did yours smell like mothballs really strong when you first got it? Smiley

    I'm very new to this and just messing with basic stuff at the moment so I haven't tried an kind of "duino" anything yet.
    If I did I would be more interested in using it for making MIDI controlling devices and maybe some sort of MIDI to CV converter.

  • Windows Phone 8, Netduino and Bluetooth...

    That's great. I love seeing people experimenting with things like this. More people need to start creating instead of just buying gadgets and consuming.