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dentaku dentaku
  • changing the .mp4/AVC codec used by IE11?

    If I play a video on Youtbe the HTML5 player says it's using
    video/mp4; codecs="avc1.64001F, mp4a.40.2"

    Is this codec something you can replace by installing something else?

    IE11 on my computer doesn't like the Youtube HTML5 player and for some reason I can't get the Flash player to work anymore.
    I'm wondering if I can experiment with different codecs to make it work better.

  • IE11 won't play Flash videos in Youtube and HTML5 gets all blocky

    , elmer wrote

    I use IE11 on Win7 and don't run any site in compatibility mode

    YouTube works just fine for me.

    Youtube is the only site I have I have set to compatibility mode because it would force it to use the Flash player instead of HTML5 but for some reason Flash video won't play anymore so I'm stuck with the HMTL5 viewer which gets all blocky after a while on certain videos.

  • IE11 won't play Flash videos in Youtube and HTML5 gets all blocky

    For some reason Youtube will no longer play Flash videos in IE11 on my Win7 machine.
    I don't think anything changed to cause this.
    I have always just had Youtube set to use Compatibility Mode to force using Flash instead of HTML5 but now it just tells me to install Flash, which of course I already have so that doesn't help.
    I even used Adobe's Flash uninstaller and re-installed the newest one but that still doesn't help.

    The HTML5 player will play videos but they get all blocky after a while on videos with very little movement. Firefox doesn't have trouble playing videos using HTML5.

    So... Does anyone else have trouble getting IE11 to play Flash videos in Youtube OR get blocky video using the HTML5 player?

  • ClearType will be back in Win10 browser! finally

    , Lizard​Rumsfeld wrote

    Perhaps what they're doing is to simply offer it as an option, grayscale may still be the default, that may be the most reasonable compromise.

    Yup, I'm fine if they make it default to the new system as long as they let people who need ClearType switch to that too.

  • ClearType will be back in Win10 browser! finally

    It looks like ClearType might be coming back to at least one MS browser in the next Win10 update.
    I need ClearType in a browser. I can't read text without it because the other type and anti-aliasing hurts my eyes.


    I hope they can make IE also use ClearType but if it's just Edge that will be a start. I haven't read enough about it yet to know for sure.

  • Win10 and stupid looking 5 letter user folder name?

    OK. I've got two things I can try that's aren't too likely to mess things up in the future.

    The worse thing about this is that it all works and I just don't like the username it forced on me.

  • Win10 and stupid looking 5 letter user folder name?

    , TheTraveler wrote

    @dentaku: i have read the thread you are linking too. It seems to contain all the answers you are looking for. 

    You can always peform an full disk image backup. That should allow you to easily revert. 

    I was just wondering if any niners had warnings about doing this beyond what the other sites had.

    I have nothing important on the machine right now because it's a fresh install from two days ago.
    I don't mind wiping it out. Since this started out as a WinXP install, upgraded with my Win8 Pro upgrade DVD then updated online to Win10, how exactly would I do a fresh re-install of Win10 on this so I can do this right.
    I don't need to backup anything.

    I might first try just making a new administrator account then deleting the annoyingly named one.

  • Win10 and stupid looking 5 letter user folder name?

    Last night I used my Win8 Upgrade DVD I bought quite a while ago but never used for more than a few days before formatting the drive and booting back into my Win7 drive.

    I had XP on a drive so I installed the Win8 upgrade on that and once installed I did the Win10 upgrade right away.

    QUESTION: I've been seeing lots of information about a strange feature that while not technically a problem, it's just annoying. It stumped me why I couldn't connect to my computer with my WDTV box before figuring out this weird feature too.

    My USER\USERNAME folder is a weird truncated 5 letter version of my outlook.com e-mail address I use to log into the computer.
    It's similar to this person's problem.

    If I use the "Sign in with a local account instead" feature, what will I lose feature wise?
    Will it then change my "C:\Users\stupidlooking5letterusername to whatever I want?
    I don't care about Onedrive so I don't see any other feature logging in with an outlook account gives me. ???
    Will it then change my "C:\Users\stupidlooking5letterusername" to whatever I want?

    Is it easy to change this back if it has adverse effects?

  • The Radio

  • Why is Windows Update so easy to beak and difficult to fix?

    , cheong wrote

     Try perform step 2 and 3 in the KB article as advised in here and see if it helps.

    Win10 is still relatively new and a lot of support tips appears as tips for Windows Insider Preview program.

    I tried that Fixit for Windows Update and BITS already but I just did it again and it says...
    Problems found
      Service registration is missing or corrupt            FIXED    "green checkmark"

    but Windows Update still gives me the same error

    I'm trying the other manual method and I'm getting quite a few errors such as...
    The module "wuaueng.dll" was loaded but the entry-point DllRegisterServer was not found.
    Make sure that "wuaueng.dll" is a valid DLL or OCX file and the retry again.

    later... Nope, still doesn't work.
    I'm guessing it's time to backup anything important and do a Reset This PC then go through re-installing all the basic stuff.