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Darin Clark devSpeed AKA gadget
  • windows 8 and touch - new systems sold will ...

    I wouldn't mind having a small 10 or 15" touch screen to sit at a slight incline in front of my four 20" monitors. But I don't think I would want a vertical oriented touch screen at my main system. Maybe the touch screen could have the metro apps on it and the desktop apps could span the other 4 screens.

  • Net/Flix

    I am back and forth on this. At first I was going to cancel it all because I have hulu, hulu plus and Amazon instant. Then after the backlash from my constituents (kids) I decided to keep the streaming and cancel the discs since redbox is so convenient. Now I am leaning toward keeping both but cutting down to 2 discs a month.

  • California..​.

    If you make it to vegas you can take a helicopter tour from there to the grand canyon with Maverick Helicopters. My wife and I took their tour from the South Rim in 07 and it was well worth it.

  • Internet Explorer story was bogus

    So people who wear red shirts are smarter than ones that prefer blue?

  • Lightswitch RTM

    ,W3bbo wrote


    Maybe if LightSwitch.... came with a guarantee that Silverlight will continue to be supported 20 years from now.

    We have an access Customer support application that was written in 1996. It is an internal app and it still works. There is no reason to dump it.


  • So I installed Lion…

    Coding horror (Jeff Atwood) says this about ssd drives.

    "Solid state hard drives are so freaking amazing performance wise, and the experience you will have with them is so transformative, that I don't even care if they fail every 12 months on average! "

    The difference in an SSD failure and and hard drive failure is this.  When a hard drive starts failing you can recover most of the data. With a SSD it is a sudden and total failure.

  • Windows Phone Mango is RTM

    It is for real now. I hope Verizon doesn't wait too long before they roll it out to us Trophy users. They have no reason to hold it up since the Trophy has just been out 2 months.

  • smartphone data usage

    Seems I am the exception. I have used a gigabyte this month. (Isn't over until until 8/3). I used a half a gig last month. The difference could be because I took week long trip where wifi wasn't available.

  • I wouldn't know what to do with this phone

    Well it would be kinda neat if it was dual personality. Say when used as a phone it looks and behaves like windows phone 7. But then you sync a bluetooth keyboard and mouse with it and some wireless monitor interface like intel's widi and then bam it is a pc

  • Android, your thoughts?

    My son has the Motrola Droid X and is always having to reset it. My daughter has the Samsung Continuum and would trade for a HTC trophy if given a chance. Maybe the people that love android don't have anything to compare it to.