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  • Steve Ball - Learning about Audio in Windows Vista

    A lot of the features you talk about for Vista are already available in Open Sound System for UNIX. See the screen shot of our virtual mixer panel  which currently shows XMMS (Winamp clone for X-Windows) running on one of the virtual mixer channels. We also have a RIAA-Curve equalizer and Fidelity Enhancer (aka SRS WoW or DFX) and other features that are system-wide so that any app can use it.  A full explanation of our Virtual Mixer (which BTW is kernel based) is at

    These features were available back in 2001. We also work on a number of Windows related technologies at 4Front - like VSTs/WMP Plugins/DirectX stuff and so we're looking forward to doing some stuff when Vista comes out.

    One of the odd things we're looking into from a research project here is to be able to run a Unix audio app via Windows services for UNIX facilities.....we'd love to talk to someone about melding Open Sound System with Windows Services for Unix.

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