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  • Windows Vista: Ready for ReadyDrive

    Hi Ruston,

    It's Devon - amazing that I came across this interview of yours conducting research on mobile storage systems...

    Congrats - sounds like a great innovation - I'd imagine this hybrid technology will be the magic bullet to enabling the upcoming terabyte drives to perform adequately even with extensive fragmentation.

    Question - has this technology been designed to work in conjunction with RAID 5 (among others) to max peformance in both stripped sets and mirrored sets and combinations thereof?  Could this point to a new RAID possibility or a new standard altogether?  Any hints you can pass over the NDA? Wink

    Aside from that - how the heck are you????
    A very long time indeed - I'm currently working as an IT Project Manager and Business Systems Analyst in the Scottish Borders, UK...

    Love to hear from you sometime and catch up on what has transpired since J.D...

    drop me a line at
    Skype: devon.leslie

    Best of luck on the launch - please give my best to anyone you still may be in contact with...