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  • Owen Braun and Chris Pratley - Talking about OneNote

    nice video...

    I always wanted to use OneNote for taking notes, but I didnt had laptop, and desktop machine is not that great to have notes, coz you cant access them when u need them badly Sad...

    so after I got laptop, first thing which I did installed OneNote on it and tried it... and its amazing, now I will for OneNote to try on TabletPC, I am sure its gona be great experience Smiley.

    btwn I was wondering if this feature is there or not in OneNote, I am kind of finding it since many days... and I really needs it..

    its like sub-linking other notes.

    I got Index Page or something for my notes..
    1 - Test 1
    2 - Test 2
    3 - Test 3

    and then I got other notes with detailed Test 1 and Test2 and Test 3 thing, so what I would like to do is, when I click on Test 1 it should automatically open up that detailed Test 1 thing.

    if its possible to do, let me know how to do it. and if not, then any plans to include?

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  • Ward Cunningham - Do you get religious about programming languages?

    I know around 29programming languages.. and me learning more and more and more.. I like to learn them.. but the language which really liked by me is Visual Basic.. its really fantastic language.. very easy and very quick.. but ya.. Assembly Language, nothing can beat it.