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  • Introducing the New Visual Studio 2012 Unit Testing Experience

    Video stops after a few mins. Downloaded version is the same 

  • Tara Roth: Not your father’s world of Software Test

    gaindev wrote:

    Charles, you mentioned in the video that MS has put a lot of effort in testing, so I guess you guys should have a large collection of testing tools that help testing process easier.
    As far as I am aware, the only product which is available to developers outside MS is Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Testers, and it focuses only on ASP.NET web apps testing. I have not had a chance to use it but it seems quite insignificant compared to other testing suite such as IBM Rational product lines.
    Will there be more tools to be released in the future? I think this could be one area that MS should concentrates on in order to build a better developement environment.

    By the way, it is a great video and it helped me understand a lot more about testing. I am looking forward to more videos like this one, especially the technical aspects and tester experiences at MS.

    PS: it is amazing how many post-it notes on the wall. Are there anything actually written on those notes

    I use QuickTest Pro, TestDirector and WinRuner for testing duties
  • Windows Home Server

    this is going to be one handy piece of software, i just hope we can deloy our own applications
  • UK Community: ​Developer​Developer Day

    Id be happy to help out on getting some community events going for the Brits and the Irish commmunity also.

  • UK Community: ​Developer​Developer Day

    i wud nip over to scotland if timing was right. I have a few buddys in Falkirk
  • Why Community Matters

    An_Angel wrote:
    die-Sel: Thanks... I think... the vid is really bad at picking up the good side of me.  Charles was a little too close with the camera   More info on the london girl geek dinners can be found below and Microsoft did a good virtual side video on the events too which can be found here:

    Ion:  Who am I... well for that you will have to go and have a look on my mobility blog here: and here and here and from that you should get which community I am looking after.  I also actively participate in Mobile Mondays and a number of the London groups, but not always just the Microsoft ones.  

    I guess you could say I am just another girl geek... with a fixation on mobile devices and tech gadgets. 

    No  problem An_Angel i thought Charles did an excellant job Big Smile

  • Why Community Matters

    nice video on UK users, would be cool if we could get some Ireland based community videos (not that i know any communities in Ireland)

    An_Angel is cute also Tongue Out

    back to work for me .....Cool
  • New Role for Bill in July 2008

    I wish Bill al the luck with his Foundation work, he really does make a difference for 1000s of people over the world.

    Not to mention, I will miss him after 2008. I have always liked Bill and his approach to MS work method. And i know its been werid but he has always had a good reason. I do feel though that he is a bit late at connecting with developers with Windows Live Dev only coming around the coner and the VS Express Versions arent that old neither, but again all the best to him and his work.

    As for Steve, clam down buddy, take a min and think wtf your doing. Wink;)