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JoeE die-Sel
  • UK UMPC price

    Dont get me wrong, i think they are a great piece of kit and there is a wide range of units in development but the cost is just to high atm.


    If they do drop to 500 then they will be worth it.

  • UK UMPC price

    in my opinion the UMPC are very costly. I was going to wait untill these came out but now am just gonna get a new laptop, more power and features for less money

  • The case for war in Iran

    In my opinion, Bush should not have got a 2nd term. He's to much like his father. Bill Cliton should be put back in office, he knew how to have a good time lol

  • Allen - Gates Controversy Revisited

    I am a Visual C# Developer and Software Tester,  i use both Linux and Windows almost everyday. In my opinion, Microsoft are a business. They are a company who wants there product to be top dog. Just like Apple want the iPod to be the Market Leader, just like Ford Motor Inc want to beat Dodge by selling more cars.

    Just like a normal customer wants to walk into a shop and buy something, the maker of that product wants it to sell. Yes MS have a big share with Windows XP and other products but look at it this way. I would guess that around 50% of Windows O/S is been used by the normal home user, who just want it to work, and that’s what it does, it works. They browse the net, do a few word documents, maybe download music etc. That’s all they want and that’s what they pay for.

    Not one single piece of software on the market today is bug free. If its bug free, then the QA team are not doing their job 100%. No matter how good a developer you are or will become, you will have bugs in your software.  It’s a fact of Software Development. Microsoft makes a load of products, which requires a large work force. In turn this gives jobs to 1000s of people all over the world and I am grateful for that because if they didn’t, then I wouldn’t have a job and I wouldn’t be able to provide for my family. ( Dont know why this is showing >>>>> but ingnore it, think i have found abug lol

    Now I am not a Microsoft Market Man, and I do use Linux but in my opinion, Linux is just to hard for an everyday user. If a Linux distro was to become more user friendly then it would be a serious rival to Windows, it has had its blow towards Windows and a lot of users migrating to it but it just hasn’t been able to find it place in the market with the home user, simply because they have to learn to much to get it to work.

    At home I run 9 machines, 3 Windows XP, 1 Windows Server 2003, 3 Debian Sarge 3.1 and 1 ftp server running CentOS.  As you can see, I am not a MS Home Boy as I have heard some people call them but I do respect what MS has done to the computer world.

    Now I need to get back to work or my boss is going to hang me

  • exe to source code

    Thanks that looks good, Ill give the trial a go to see if it does what i need.

  • exe to source code

    Thanks Mike, I did what you suggest and was presented with this error

    Microsoft.VisualBasic, Version=7.0.5000.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a

    due to not be able to find the assembly file.



  • exe to source code

    Hey guys, I had a HD fail this morning and a project i am working on has a few moduals based on VB.NET 2005. I still have the exe files backed up on my web server but forgot about the code.

    Does anyone know of a de-compiler that will take the exe and put it back to source code to be re-edited is Visual Studio.

    I will be very grateful for any help/info that you can share.

    Kind Regards


  • Apple - YOU SUCK!

    Yes they do suck. Its all about looking good with Apple. As long as it works. I have seen some apps the looks really sore on the eyes but they work and the business doent care about how it looks just as long as it does.

    now Apple have some nice designs, but the price they put on everything  is crazy.