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  • PJ Hough and others - First look at next version of Sharepoint

    Uhh, screw that.  Blogs, RSS and wiki matter more than simple refinement to Sharepoint.  Attention needed to be given to architecture which MSFT seems to be addressing. 

    Right now, Sharepoint is only useful to my team as a means to maintain Project Management information.  Everything else is rudimentary and there is currently little modularity.  I'm hoping RSS usage will improve modularity although I'd like to see how this affects permissions issues.  Ok, can RSS be used as a means to publish list information to other Sharepoint sites or is this just my imagination?

    Umm, Wiki stuff is pretty important for Knowledge Management in the enterprise.  I'm rolling out Atlassian Confluence (Wiki) to my team but am curious to see how Sharepoint will compete.  If  competitive, I'd like to migrate to Sharepoint if possible but we'll see.  Keep in mind, I'm an employee for one of Microsoft's largest customers.

    I'm down for blog action although it's not as important as Wiki for my team...

    I'd like to see integration with BEA Plumtree Portal (Or whatever they call it these days....) but probably won't see that as it's a competitor with Microsoft's Portal offering.  Guess 3rd party integration is the best hope.

    I really wish it were easier to collaborate with externals (outside the enterprise / firewall) with Sharepoint.  Maybe it's politics or licensing issues, but it's not easy to do.  So we're forced to utilize other collaboration technologies which can't be expensed to overhead.  Cmon guys, help me out Tongue Out

    Oh, and can you guys (and gals) pay more attention to Web 2.0 principles?  Can we try to create virtual folders by means of tagging?  I hate having to move a file in one folder when its context could also apply to other descriptions as well.  This is why tagging works.  Check out Gmail tagging.... You could implement this in MSN Live Mail too.  How about Outlook?  I know, your response is.... But people aren't ready for virtual folders yet.!?#  Umm, follow Vista's lead and combine some conventional folder action with virtual folder action.  Give it a few years, then get rid of conventional folders.  Oh, and do this while satisfying any SOX or other regulations.


    Litespeed wrote:
    scobleizer wrote:We will definitely be doing more Sharepoint stuff.

    Great vid although I think you focused too much on blog and wiki stuff which is probably of little benefit to most Sharepoint users.
  • Otto Berkes - Origami's Architect gives first look at Ultramobile PCs

    The device is pretty much what I expected.  It was very cool to see the form factor that Haiku targets... Nice!  If 3G wireless hardware isn't included on the device, that could be a good thing as it reduces hardware cost and increases synthesis with 3G phones (as long as there are no restrictions from phone manufacturers.)  Let's hope for GPS integration within the device in the future; it's not always convenient to carry around another device.

    Otto referenced the Origami ecosystem which is going to be a big thing...

    Instant on?  Well, it's a tablet pc, i don't see how it would be any different from one.  But Vista improves in this standpoint, so expect to see changes there.  Vista also features superfetch, which this could take advantage of.  Especially with a USB key, for those that are concerned about RAM upgradability.

    For the guy that wasn't fond of this form factor, Otto said the OEM's are going to create Origami devices in this form factor and smaller.  Apple's next V-Pod is suspected to come out with a 4" landscape screen.  Origami will probably be offered in this size someday too.  As Origami matures, you'll probably see more audio-centric, gaming-centric, etc devices.  There will be sub-niches but for now this is a start.

    As for battery consumption, there are some improvements to be made.  Could interlacing save power versus progressive scan on the lcd?  SED screens are "sed" to be coming out in Q4 2007.   That would decrease power consumption by a factor of X but am unsure when SED will hit the optimal point for price/performance for Origami.  What about fuel cells or even OLED screens?

    All in all, a good start.