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  • Defrag 005 - Sound card malfunction, App ​restriction​s, Remote Access

    What's up with the glasses?


  • Scott Guthrie: Silverlight 3 is here!

    Content was good.

    Scott, it was wierd watching you talk to the camera and every now and then glance over at the other guy.

    It was probably more obvious because laurence was kind of looking into space and making faces during you talking.  He may as well been interviewing you from the other room.   Next time, just look at each other and talk and forget the camera.  It just felt wierd trying to watch this in a video format.



  • Hanselminut​es on 9 - Why Aren't There More WinForms Talks with Rocky Lhotka

    It would be nice if Microsoft would spend a bit more time on marketing it's current technology instead of spending too much effort on the new technology.

    The rate of change with all the new technologies has kind of made me lose interesting in learning anything or buying books.  After about a year or so, the technology is old.  Sure, it all builds on the previous, but that's not the point. 

    Where does it end?

    I'd like to get the WinForm and Webform stuff working perfect and completely understand it before having to learn MVC, WPF, WCF, or something like that.


  • Ping 16: MS kills Money, Browser for the Better, free anti-virus, Hulu on Media Center

    "We're all adults here?"

    You can't make that assumption, because everyone is not. 

    I'm glad it doesn't take much to make you all laugh.   What are you, both, like 18?    What would you know about censoring?  And, no employees cannot say whatever they feel like saying.  The corporation, Microsoft, is still the company being represented here whether and your opinion and comments does represent your employer!

    Gee, let me forward this over to the public relations department and see if this video gets yanked.



  • 10-4 Episode 5: Code Focused in Visual Studio 2010

    I found the video very blurry.   The others were crystal clear.

    I agree, the logo and the large PIP is distracting -- plus a 4th of the IDE is hidden by the PIP.   Please stop using the PIP!
  • Five on Nine - Pilot Episode

    Nice video.  Would definitely watch more.

    In fact, forget the video.  We don't need to see anyone.  This would be an excellent podcast.

    I see no reason to have to watch the video and would prefer to take it on the road with me.