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  • Rx Workshop: Programming the Cloud

    Great stuff. Have you guys spoken with the compiler teams about potentially just adding the SerializableAttribute to closure classes and/or anonymous types in their next versions?? Having to manually introduce an MBV wrapper class for scenarios where multiple values need to be passed in seems like a it's going to turn into an exercise in typing.
  • Programming in the Age of Concurrency: The Accelerator Project

    This is a rather old post, but I'm wondering where this project stands these days.

    In light of projects like LINQ offering up expression trees that can now be interpreted and compiled into a completely different language and/or transferred off to be executed on a totally diff. piece of hardware, I'm kinda hoping this project picked up with that and basically implemented LINQ to GPUs.

    I started wondering when we'd see this with specific respect to WPF and a true approach to writing custom shader effects when I realized that LINQ could enable this kind of capability. I finally got around to writing a blog post about it and somebody alerted me to this project.

    Anyway, love to hear where the project stands!

  • UAC - What. How. Why.

    Little late to the discussion, but in the video they discuss the ability to indicate that certain Windows Messages are safe to send. I believe this is known as UIPI (User Interface Privilege Isolation).  Is that done through meta-data (i.e. the fusion manifest) or through some API the application calls when initializing? Any links to documentation on UIPI would be great... I can't seem to find anything good having done a search.

  • Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database ​Professiona​ls

    I am beyond excited to see this product coming. Big Smile I was extremely upset that, even though DB projects in 2003 weren't that great, they were crippled even more in 2005 (no export of data, no generation of command files, etc.). [C]

    This looks like everything I've ever wanted and it's finally integrated into my favorite IDE instead of having to turn to a third part product. Can't wait for it to be released!

  • Michael Wallent: Advent and Evolution of WPF

    The absolute best start to finish explanation of why WPF exists and what it aims to solve I've ever seen/heard.
  • .NET in MOM

    He didn't say anything about ASP.NET's performance directly, but here's a quote from about 3:23 into the video:

    "So we have the MOM server component which is essentially all native code, 'cause we felt that .NET was not quite ready for a full server side implementation yet."

    That's what I'd love to hear further details on. Why isn't it ready?

    I only brought up ASP.NET because what it sounds like he's saying there is that the performance of the CLR isn't ready for server side implementations. Clearly that could be perceived as somewhat of a mixed message since ASP.NET is a server side technology that provides some amazing performance over competing technologies.

  • .NET in MOM

    I'd also like to hear specifics on what the server side performance issues were. I think the ASP.NET guys would probably cringe if they heard someone say that about .NET. Seems like kinda a bad mixed message for Microsoft to be sending... ya know?

  • Office 12 - Word to PDF File Translation


    Thanks for the reply. I was actually trying to bait the MS folks into responding because I realize the fancy linking and bookmarking certainly only comes at the application level and therefore clearly it isn't simply a print driver solution. Wink

    If they do however have some kind of driver solution which they then do some kind of post processing on, it would be really silly if they didn't offer this as part of the Vista platform. So I guess I'd just like to hear all the geek details on how they decided to implement it.

  • Office 12 - Word to PDF File Translation

    I guess my only question is, why isn't print to PDF just a feature of Windows Printing and not specific to Office? If it's just a print driver, it should work with every application that prints... why limit the technology to Office 12?
  • Scott Guthrie - Demo of next version of ASP.NET (Happy Birthday Video #1)

    Was I the only one that kept thinking Scott was going to bump his cup of soda(?) over every time he turned back around to his laptop? Smiley

    Heheh, great video though. My team's really dying to move to VS2005 almost solely for the HTML editor enhancements. Wink
  • Ian Huff - Using VSTS Performance Tools to Speed Up Your App (Part 1)

    Awesome demo. Very well executed and explained. Looking forward to this feature.
  • Scott Guthrie - Talking ASP.NET and IIS 7.0

    harumscarum wrote:
    It is too bad that iis6 only came on server 2003. I think a lot of developers have been left out since it does not run on xp.

    It doesn't? Hmmm... that's funny all of our developers run WinXP Pro and develop ASP.NET applications all day long. Smiley

    All you need to do is install the framework and that should configure IIS automatically assuming you had it installed when you installed the framework. If you didn't have IIS installed when you installed the framework then you need to go to the framework directory (should be %WINDOWS%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322) and run aspnet_regiis.