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dnrfan dnrfan It's .NET
  • Microsoft.​com broken

    . wrote:
    And more importantly... why is ASP Script Debugging enabled?

    Maybe they had it on during the 64Bit transition, and forgot to disable it, once everything worked.

  • Forbes Scoble Interview

    Way to go scoble.  Good stuff.

    Sometimes you wonder if an interviewer has any real interest in what they're asking.

  • XP x64 Upgrade

    Why?  There is no point.

    Apply for the 120 Trial to get you started until you find some other way.

    I studied at an institution that had an software aliance agreement.  We had access to most of the good stuff.

  • XP x64 Upgrade

    MS are giving FREE upgrades of OEM Licenced Windows XP Professional to anyone who purchased their legit copy between March 31 2003 to NOW.


  • Paul review Longhorn 5048

    At WinHEC, they said MS has removed the 'My' prefix from Longhorn.  Eg:  My Documents, My Pictures etc

    His screenys show the prefix.  Maybe MS removed it after that build?

  • If Mozilla and IE didnt exist, what browser would you use?

    mVPstar wrote:
    And not to mention, a vast array of browsers would be insecure since there would be no IE to learn from...or to constantly look at as the cause for mostly every security flaw.

    There's a difference with other browsers.  All browsers have their security flaws.   Right now Firefox has a serious one. The difference is that all browsers, other than IE, are NOT tied to the Operating System.  Therefore, to remove a threat, even for a short while, all you need to do is un-install that browser.  The same can't be said for IE.  Even though you can disable IE from use, it's still there and Windows Explorer uses that same engine.  Windows Explorer is virtually the same as IE.  ( MS, Step in here and correct me if this is not thecase )

  • If Mozilla and IE didnt exist, what browser would you use?

    Well, since IE hasn't care about webstandards and most/alot of websites were not designed to work in muliple browsers, I guess the internet would be pretty boring, because not many pages would render properly.

    Take a look at http://mondays.pwop.com  In Firefox.
    This is only a minor glitch. I've seen pages all backward and upside down.  I've seen pages that don't even show anything in browsers other than IE.

    This forum doesn't render properly in Firefox.  But it's not too bad.  I like the extra buttons you get on the video windows in IE.

    I thought Konqueror was great at first, but then noticed that it was pretty bad.

    I hate using Opera, but if that was all that was around, I'd guess I'd use that.  I don't know what Opera is based on, cause I don't care about that lame browser.

  • MSN redefines physics...

    manickernel wrote:
    Actually, now that we are talking diving, I am intersted in where you have been diving DNRFAN.

    Well, I haven't been overseas to dive.  But mainly I dive around the east cost of Aust, and Adelaide ( HMAS Hobart ). Also Jervis Bay is great too. Can be seen from space.

  • MSN redefines physics...

    It was just an observation Jorgie, not an argument.
    No software, let alone any navigational software is perfect.

    It's hard enough to convince someone why they should buy xyz software, then alone something that has some errors mentioned here.  I, myself don't think the issues are of any real concern, but the customers do.

    I'm dealing with joe public, not IT savvy developers.
    So, when someone says, "I heard that this program does this and that, I don't want that piece of garbage", I just have to hum the tune of Microsoft and tell them whatever MS's responses have been.

    Jorgie wrote:
    So 'durfan' where is the fantastic mapping software you have created for finding routes all over the world? We would love to see how you have done it so much better that you feel you are in a position to make such sweeping condemnation of MS software.

    Thats a fairly immature response

  • MSN redefines physics...

    manickernel wrote:
    Never trust your life in the real world to what is represented on a computer.

    When I'm diving, I would much prefer to trust a well thoughout piece of swiss engineering, than to trust a narc'd buddy, and or myself if I was feeling a bit narc'd.