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dnrfan dnrfan It's .NET
  • MSN redefines physics...

    Well, that bug is an obvious one to notice, but what about paths that aren't immediately noticable?

    Eg:  That route could of lead the user off a cliff or through a mountain that has no roads, or down a gully etc.

    You wouldn't  notice that unless you knew the area well.

    This is where the consumer loses their faith in MS products.  They hear of something like this, and they then find it hard to trust that they are going the right way, and their money is well spent.

    No one likes to be lead up the garden path.

  • .Doc is dead... Long Live .Doc

    What about FlashPaper?

    Anyone use that? 

  • We're on Titan!

    SvenGroot wrote:
    for one thing, a very large percentage of scientific discoveries are done while they were looking for something else. Who knows if they'll not stumble upon something that cures cancer while trying to invent a new rocket fuel or something.

    Yeah but that approach is going for the proverbial 'Two birds in the bush".

    I don't condemn all research, just spending so much on it for purposes that aren't that important or have immediate benefit.  Knowing what a rock is composed of, is not an immediate benefit.

    Sven wrote:
    Condemning research just because it isn't directly tied to things your world-view holds important is extremely short-sighted; not only are you neglecting the distinct possibility that it might indirectly benefit your field of interest, you are also ignoring the way scientific research works as a whole. I for one am glad you're not the one assigning research grants.

    Well, you take that blue pill.

  • We're on Titan!

    littleguru wrote:
    Your arguments are very common when something is happening in space. If money is spend to send those probes to unknown worlds, people always complain.

    Because probes in outspace don't save lives.

    littleguru wrote:
    I can't understand it. There are a lot people involved in developing those probes. It's not that the whole thing comes out from nowhere. It gives food and work to many many people
    To work on another useless and fruitless project.  You think medical research doesn't bring these things also?

    littleguru wrote:
    I don't understand also, why people complain that the money hasn't been spend for health care and other welfare projects. If a government is spending billions of dollars (or any other currency) for developing new rockets and weapons

    So, that's another stupid thing the US spends it's money on.

    You keep saying you don't understand.  Go visit a hospice and/or a third world country.  Something for you to think about.

  • the mac mini

    Check out the mobo of the sucker

  • MSN Messenger 7.0.0205 Beta Screen Shots...

    You still need to use 'Messenger Plus' to give the needed fuctionality.

    There's a special version for this MSN Messenger BETA here

  • Want to play with Avalon?

    CodeGuru wrote:
    do i have to instal VS.NET 2005 in order to play with this thing ? i have VS.NET 2003 only and have no access to 2005 Sad thanks

    You can use the 'Express' version of 2005.  Free DL.

  • Want to play with Avalon?

    Landslide wrote:
    Go to Start\Programs\Microsoft WinFX SDK\WinFX Documentation.


  • We're on Titan!

    All that FN wasted money !!

    Could of been spent on cancer/diseases research.

    We have the technology to send crafts to outerspace and land on planets and moons, but we can't cure illnesses that kill people everyday.

  • New Internet Explorer name

    The name would have to be something that sums up MS's ( perceived ) attitude towards IE.

    What about :  "FCUK"  ( but thats taken by the clothing label )

    FWSITE ( F##k Web Standards In The Ear )

    FUX ( F* CKS User's Experience )

    or just leave it as IE  ( Indocile Euphoria )