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  • Introduction to the Multilingual App Toolkit

    It's a nice start, but I have some suggestions to make it even easier:

    1. Automatically create a multilanguage version from a normal app.
    2. Provide a tool to edit or at least export to .resjson

    Regarding 1:

    in a HTML file you have:

    <p>Hello World</p>

    The tool should:

    1. collect all strings
    2. create a "en-US" folder (or other default language), put in the resources.resjson like so:
        "string1" : "Hello World",
        "_string1.source" : "Hello World",       // optional?
        "_string1.comment" : "commentstring1"
    3. manipulate the HTML to this (optional, some do it in JS):
      <p data-win-res="{textContent: 'string1'}">Hello World</p>


    This would be a great tool!