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  • Silverlight TV 13: MVVM Light Toolkit

    Hi, i love the Light toolkit and your presentations are good, but cant start, its 3 days now and my hands are up. I need help! Please dont tell me to read the "getting started" because i have done so.
    I fully understand what MVVM means. i would like to use the MVVM light toolkit for all it presents in my Silverlight LOB Applications.

    I am using VS 2010 RC, SL4, WCF Ria Services with EntityFramework, and i am looking to access records from my EntityModel, show them in a datagrid and do some event actions on the datagrid too.
    Incidentaly i have ended up watching all the videos that present the tookit's usage and snooped around many blogs but i havent gotten help on this. I havent also seen a sample that uses SL4 and WCF Ria Services with the light toolkit.
    All the videos are pointed towards using a webservice(i dont know why!) and most blogs just show additions to the framework. I wanted to request you to always include a LOB sample in your presentations. Although i know developing software is hard and sometimes spoon-feeding is not good, samples like these may be useful in putting word out there and reduce the usage the pain in starting up.  

    I have posted a simple Sample that uses a simple Northwind Customers & Orders table on skydrive at: ">

    I get an error messange and seem to be confused with the observableCollections.

    Please download it and help me, i have spent 3 days trying this an no luck!