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  • Exploring .NET

    Does anybody know the music in the background? It's extremely cool.


  • The new Outlook Express: Windows Mail demoed

    I am not an MVP but quite active in the german dotnet-newsgroups. I am one of the people mentioned in the video who "lives" in OE.

    There are some things in OE that have to be fixed but were not mentioned in the video or throughout the discussion here:

    Please make sure that copy/paste from Visual Studio to Microsoft Mail (MM) won't break the text-only-format of MM. In OE you have always to reformat your code. In total I have spent days or weeks reformatting my code for the newsgroups. Doing the workaround by pasting the code to Word and then to OE doesn't really solve the problem.

    Please make also sure that we don't need something like OE-Quotefix in the future.

    Microsoft Mail should quote in the correct way by default - at least for the newsgroups.

    We have discussed the video in the german csharp-newsgroup. Feedback on the gold/silver/bronze-status-thing and the possibility to rate posts is generally good. We wondered if it would be possible to add a "sticky post" with a link to a FAQ-list for newbies so that we don't have to answer the same things again and again and can concentrate on the nitty-gritty. We also wondered if it would be possible to do a search in a newsgroup-archive like

    One possibility would be to integrate Google-Groups - even better would be a newsgroups-archive done by Microsoft at least for their own groups.

    A lot of MVPs and regulars - many of them working very hard every day for free to support the users of Microsoft-products - would be glad to see that Microsoft would build at least a newsgroup-archive-search for their own news-server because Google-Groups simply don't work after they have been relaunched.


    Arne Janning

  • The 9 Guys - Who We Are

    Great Job.