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  • Scott Guthrie: Silverlight and the ​Cross-​Platform CLR

    In the video you mention ASP.NET WPF controls.

    What is available yet?
    For example, will you provide us with a rich full-featured datagrid that can deliver the full power of a windows forms app inside the browser?

  • Scott Guthrie: Silverlight and the ​Cross-​Platform CLR

    Wow, just watched the whole video, and I can definitely recommend it, this stuff is WAY COOL!

    I think you have every right to call this Web 3.0.

    Congratulations Scott and your team!

    Back at the time when Macromedia was up for sale I was very very disappointed that Microsoft didn't buy it, but now I start to believe that you really can pull this thing off and create a completely new web experience without the need of Flash.
    You already had THE BEST platform for server side web development, and now with these amazing client side experience everything "blends" nicely together! Smiley

  • Windows Vista Remote Assistance: Under the Hood

    Kryptos wrote:
    Still watching the Video, if with IP v6 we all have public IP address, doesn't that have a bigger security implications....?

    Absolutely not.  On the contrary actually, because security is inherent to IPv6.
    Also, the Internet was never meant to be NATed.
    This is a great read for you, and other 9'ers:

    Now, the question is, what can we do to accelerate the adoption of IPv6 ?
  • What's Microsoft Speech Server (Beta)?

    Very cool!!!

    Are you also going to support other languages for the TTS and Speech Recognition?  We would need Dutch for our applications.

  • Lee Bandy on IPv6

    Whalewatcher wrote:

    It is happening, but you gotta give it some time (just like all other converging markets, without immediate benefit).

    Most Routers, IP Phones etc.. already have the capability, because all it really depends on is the IP stack of the OS those devices run on. (and most do support it)
    If a stack and the belonging API know that, it really isn't that much of a deal to it, whether it's ip4 or ipv6.

    This usually means a simple firmware update.

    The web interfaces need redesigning as well...

    I know it's happening, but it's happening far too slow, and only a company like MS can do something about that!!! Smiley
  • Lee Bandy on IPv6

    IRenderable wrote:
    Do we really need IPV6? Sure alot of computers are out there but most of them are behind routers so there is only one IP address per router (If I am understanding and it's very likely I am not) and because of that you can cut down the number of IP addresses by thousands.

    Why are you still thinking about computers??
    What you say was 5 years ago.

    DEVICES, it's all about DEVICES nowadays!

    Natting phones is a mess (to just name 1 example), and the number of phones that are connected to the Internet is quickly surpassing the number of pc's (or already has!).
    And it's not only phones, there are thousands and thousands of devices with an IP connection.

    So yes, we need IPv6 and we need it very fast.

    I applaud the effort of MS, but still they should do more to push this!!!  I hope the people of the team (and their managers) read this.  I work for a service provider, and we want to start seeing IPv6 support everywhere.  Unfortunately, it is not happening (and it's not the ISP's who are responsible for this, we are ready and eager!  It's the software makers and network gear companies! - How many home routers do support IPv6??  I don't see IP Phones for IPv6, etc...)  VERY SAD Sad
  • Iain McDonald and Andrew Mason show off the new Windows Server OS

    If you decide to include IIS7, you should definitely also include the .NET Framework, it will be fairly useless without it.
  • IE7: CSS Support?

    ZippyV wrote:

    I'm surprised IE actually showed something.

    I am not, that has always been one of the great strengths of IE.
    It is far more difficult to write a parser that can "read over" mistakes and do its best to display the content as good as possible to the user, than one that just implements the basic rules (think of the inferior mozilla parser).
  • Kids Programming Language

    Luca Serano wrote:

    Now I'm 18, and I've been using C# for three months.

    You should have started with C# about 5 years ago...

    Do you realize that .NET is almost 10 years old (9 years by the end of 2006)?!
  • Virtual Earth Team - Streetlevel

    Well, I had this same idea 6 (!) years ago, and even made such a virtual trip through the center of the village where I live (for which I took the hundreds of photos myself, and sometimes together with some friends).

    It's nice to see this happening on a larger scale now.
  • Windows Live Expo

    Will this become available for the rest of the world as well?
  • Clipster is here!

    Very cool!

    But, can you add a description field please?