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dotnetjunkie dotnetjunkie
  • 2nd class citizens

    Well, he has a point.

    It is definitely true that we pay more.
    Prices outside US are often far more expensive.

    Lots of (free) offers are US only, but of course we also have local actions from time to time...

  • Live Favorites on Opera

    Somebody wondered why Live Favorites (favorites.live.com) does not work in the Opera browser (it does work in IE and Firefox) ?

  • How long your OS live? Or how fast it dead? CRASH!

    I never had to reformat because of a "crash" or OS issue, and I rarely ever reboot (only if a critical patch requires it), so maybe 1 reboot every few months...
    My workstation is a Windows 2003 Server BTW, and I've found it to be rock stable.

    The only time when I reinstall is when I move to a completely new PC.

  • I received Karma +1 from the Linux guys :-S

    Thanks, Matthew!

    I will keep my eyes wide open Wink
    It's very exciting stuff and a whole new challenge for both IT and telecom people.

  • I received Karma +1 from the Linux guys :-S

    AndyC wrote:
    Rossj wrote: 

    Imagine I'm stupid (shouldn't be too hard) what is it?

    I presume it's Apache. If not, then I'm even more stupid.

    I won't say that you're stupid Wink but HELL NO, not Apache !!!
    I wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole! Tongue Out

    I was talking about Asterisk, the leading open-source VoIP server.

    It has been predicted in 2004 already that open-source VoIP would become bigger than Linux itself:

    Jon Hall wrote:

    Open-source VoIP 'will be bigger than Linux'

    LinuxWorld: A leading open-source advocate has predicted that VoIP services based on open-source software will generate more business than the Linux operating system itself

    Jon 'Maddog' Hall, the president of open-source organisation Linux International, told the LinuxWorld Expo in London on Wednesday that open-source voice-over-IP (VoIP) will be bigger than Linux.

    "I predict that over next three years, VoIP using an open-source solution, such as Asterisk, will generate more business than the entire Linux marketplace today," said Hall.

    Halls explained that the open-source project Asterisk provides a cheaper alternative to proprietary PBX solutions, which are used by many companies today to provide telephone services.

    Whole article:

    Well, Jon Hall has been right.

    And Angus, you're completely right as well.
    What I experienced was both the strength and weakness of open-source.
    The fact that I was able to fix the bug in source myself is a great advantage of OSS, but nevertheless, the quality of FOSS is generally a lot less than commercial solutions...

  • I received Karma +1 from the Linux guys :-S

    I installed the one application that is said to be bigger than Linux itself (in the sense of more successful, taking over the world...)
    So you all know which application I'm talking about (yes its name starts with A)

    And after 5 minutes playing with it I hit against a very obvious bug.

    Although I've never programmed in C or C++, and don't know much about linux (or let alone linux development), I managed to track down the bug in the source code, and even fixed it and successfully recompiled the whole damn thing.

    So I posted this bug on the bug tracker, and... shortly after, I received a message that my fix was incorporated, in the current stable build AND trunk versions... !!!
    and those linux guys told me that I would now receive Karma from them!... OMG... one Karma-point to be exact. Big Smile

    Now apart from being a funny story this really makes me wonder about the quality of Linux / open source software.  It's totally unbelievable that nobody managed to see this bug before, mind that I was using the stable version, and that bug was there in previous versions as well... and it's like one of the first things that you hit upon when trying basic features of the app!
    Where is the testing/quality control???
    If such a thing happens with the number one linux app in the world, it makes you want to stay FAR away from any other linux app... Sad

  • What's your home page?

    LOL, Google made a special homepage for Microsoft:


    How thoughtful of them Tongue Out

  • Create a Drive Handler

    I CAN be done!!!

    Just with a little trick Wink

    Use the subst command to create the virtual drive letter, and make it point to some folder, that is monitored by your C# app (or probably windows service).  You can use the FileSystemWatcher for that, inserting/updating the data in your database from its events.

  • IE and Form Fields: Rendering Nightmare

    Is this IE7 ?

    BTW, if you use the style attribute or a stylesheet, your problem is solved Smiley

  • What's Your Desktop Like?

    Not that bad??? It's a designer's nightmare!
    I honestly thought that Linux shells would have improved over the years, but apparently they just don't have the people, time and resources to do it.

    And W3bbo, I'm not talking about personal preferences, like whether someone likes Luna or not, it's not about colors and such, it's about eye for detail and a really polished, consistent, and complete design.  The XP shell has that, the Gnome shell however looks like a 10 year old system, and with many inconsistencies...