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  • Inside Windows 8: Chris Stevens - Boot Environment

    Excellent work!  This is great "under-the-hood" stuff!   I'm going to share this episode with my IT Team.   Thanks!

  • Ping 164: IllumiRoom, Skype, Ballmer & Basketball, Surface Pro

    I Prefer the Surface RT for basic, simple, everyday casual use.  It's a great value for all it can do.  We have even replaced our HTPC Windows Media Center in our living room with the Surface RT.  The whole system offers a great 10-foot user experience.  And because it boots so fast, the family actually uses it more than they did the HTPC!  Also, this weekend, when the kids accidently landed on a Fake Anti-Virus site and clicked the pop-up box, guess what?  Nothing happened.  The virus simply couldn't install on Surface RT.

    I also gave Surface RT to family members for Christmas gifts and they use them daily with NO PROBLEMS!  Since I'm the main tech support guy in the family, not having to deal with typical PC problems has been very nice these past few weeks.

    So Surface RT running on mobile processors, like ARM, is just fine for me.