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dpratt71 dpratt71
  • Ping 36: Zune, Seth MacFarlane, voice recognition, Impatient Optimists

    Well, that's ironic. I'm loving my new Zune HD, but I was pretty bummed to find a scratch on it (already!) recently. Not sure how it got there, but I suspect it was one of those times I forgot and tossed it in my pocket along with my keys.

  • Silverlight support for Chrome and other site updates

    Regarding enabling Silverlight for Chrome, THANK YOU! I will be spending a lot more time on C9 now that I don't have to switch over to IE8 to view the video content.

  • Gilad Bracha: Inside Newspeak and Objects as a Service

    I found this very thought provoking. More like this, please Smiley

    On the subject of capability-based security (and keeping in mind that all I know of Newspeak is this interview) I would have to wonder if this might increase coupling between components.

    For example, suppose that create a class that manages session state. In v1, session state is always maintained in memory. In v2, I would like to be able to have the option of session state being pushed to the DBMS. If this were implemented in Newspeak, does this mean that consumers of my session state class have to be re-coded to provide my class with a DBMS "facility"?