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  • Duality and the End of Reactive

    Great to see Erik again :) Why did MS fire him?! I wanna know all the details please ;D I am reading through G.E.B at the moment and all this stuff resonates beautifully with ideas shown there...It is like everything has been invented already, except it has not, because we can still come up with new ways of reusing old ideas, by applying concepts deeply rooted in mathematics, which in itself is incomplete and instantly evolving according to Godel and others ;) Thanks for the session!

  • Programming the Cloud with Actors: Inside ActorFx


    Am I the only seeing relation between this and Azure Service Bus Queues, Topics, Notification Hubs and the whole Pub/Sub business that we have in the cloud already? To me it seems like yet another alternative to EAI.


    It would be cool however to be able to send actors to a queue/topic that some remote service is subscribed to. Essentially spreading self contained bits of computation to whoever is interested in them in an organised manner (Pub/Sub, smart proxies which are part of service bus etc..). Ultimately leading to one centralized database of readily available actors that you and I could have access to (with or without subscription fee). From there on, mash up some actors together to create whatever application you desire and enjoy the new way of "LEGO" building.


    One can but dream... Wink


  • Data/​Contract Coupling in Messaging

    I do think that Joey got it right. Use your static type information whenever possible and put your "unexpected" data into a sort of Any tag. It is useful to have typing when doing XML, we would be stuck in parsing the hell out of what is necessarily a string without it. Especially like the idea of google .proto files which cut down on XSD bloat still maintaining all the richness of typed messages.

    Having worked with Biztalk for some time now, I can honestly say that schemas are convenient way of describing what we are trying to integrate. In summary, keep the bloat required to do typed messages to minimum and avoid any type of "changes in message structure break existing systems" kind of system.