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  • Microsoft Platform Vision in the Post Bill Era: Meet Craig Mundie

    Um about this video.. I liked it. I think Mr Mundie hits on some very good points as far as concurrency goes and how its going to affect os architecture. I also think that the CCR is going to make it a breeze for .net developers moving forward to really leverage these newer architectures. 

    and as far as churning out new features and new builds that extend the .net framework goes. Im all for it.  I started programming in vbscript for web and soon moved to .net when 1.1 was released (Fun Change Smiley ) and have really been pumped about the amount of push behind it at Microsoft. When .net 2.0 beta came out along with 2005 Express editions (for free none the less) It was like six months of christmas Big Smile! Im still just beginning to grasp some of the amazing possibilities that .net opens up and will continue to find new and interesting ways to explore it everyday for a long time.

  • New Role for Bill in July 2008

    Before watching this video I had read about this in Information Week and had some doubts as to the direction that this was going. But hearing BillG talk about it and coupling that with seeing some of the core developments in architecture and services that the world is moving to (and how on top of them MS is), I feel that this is a great move for BillG and MS. Congratulations to MS for really stepping up Community Involvement and sticking to the common goal of innovative technology that can adapt to the rapid changes in the hardware industry.  And Congratulations to BillG especially, you have brought about innovation in so many ways and I hope the very best to you in your future endeavours. At this point, The World Does Need BillG More Than Microsoft, and it takes a remarkable man to recognize and accept that.