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    Thanks for the reply George, I posted here first then realised my mistake, and posted on the robotics newsgroup. I could not figure out how to delete my post in the channel 9 forum though, so left it.... and here I am writting another message not related to the video, hopefully others will learn from my mistake.

  • Microsoft Robotics Studio

    I develop simple 8 bit microcontroller (mostly Microchip PIC) products and often there is a communications feature. It will generally be measurement but sometimes control over a serial link. Things are changing and now people expect USB (which is a pain for realtime control e.g. cnc mills).


    Could anyone tell me if Microsoft Robots Studio is the right tool to develop a user display application that communicates with customized hardware hanging off a laptop's USB port? I had a play with the tutorials and it seems hard to communicate with hardware that is not prepared by the MRS team, is that true or am I just being impatient?


    I think I am trying to figure out if this is a tool I can use for work (simple custom electromechanical stuff) or if it is more for fancy robots? I should say that I am a normal engineer so may not be as bright or as fast to pick up new things as the guys at MS. Also I think it is important to realise that people like me are engineers who design hardware and firmware who are interested in getting into application software.... not software guys wanting to get into hardware, I think it makes a difference on the starting point skills. e.g. I have not used VS before, mybe I am not the MRS target customer?