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dan_t dtower Surface Fan

Niner since 2010

  • Defrag: Build Binge Begins, Goodbye Windows XP, Hello Windows 8.1 Update and more...

    Had a great time at Build. Lots of really great info and things to look forward to. I also liked seeing C9 front and center this time.

    Another way to get touch to work on a second display (or if you have multiple touch displays) is to use the classic Tablet PC Settings control panel. The Setup button on the Display tab is used to associate pen/touch with the proper display.

    RIP XP. We had some good times for sure. :)

  • Thinking for Programmers

    It was a good talk and I enjoyed it. I'll admit that I still tend to dive into code without thinking sometimes. So it was a good reminder.

    I feel the presentation may have put some people out of their depth. When it delved into existential quantification several of the people around me reacted with confused laughter. So I think the quite rude response of the audience at the end when we couldn't ask questions because half of them were leaving at once wasn't an indication of the quality of the talk. I think it was just a reflection of the fact that many "programmers" these days don't have a CS background.

  • Ping 202: Office for iPad, Source code for DOS, .Net Google APIs, Build and Nokia, No more cheating in Titanfall

    Just got packed for my flight to Build. Looking forward to it!

    Really like the look of the UI on the fruit flavored Office. I want that on my Surface.

    Regarding Avatars, at one time we could use our xbox avatar. Does that no longer work? I don't see it as a profile option.

    Regarding Comments:

    I work with a guy that likes to slip puns into his comments. He's a funny guy.

    At the last place I worked there was a sr developer that would add feedback to other people's code in comments. Sometimes the feedback was positive and sometimes not so positive.

  • Ping 201: Leslie Lamport gets a Turing; OneNote Free and Everywhere; Sniping Zombies; Office Lens App; Age of Ascent

    Good show. Office lens is really nice. Unity is a lot of fun to use. So easy to get a basic game going. I'm working on a simple tower defense game and hope to have it done soon. So I guess if I'm repping anything right now it would be Unity. I've become a fan.

  • Ping 200: The Show 200 Spectacular!

    That was a fun show for #200. It was good to get a walk around. The head cam was great. Much better than the other soft lensed fuzzy cam. The outtakes were worth the wait but who is Bob? Did we ever get to see Bob or is he like "Jimmy" on Colbert?

    The future? What has stood Ping apart imo has been a willingness to take on topics tangential to MS and even discuss rumors. It made the show more real because it dealt with things people were really talking about. Obviously there's a line and we know that but I always liked it when a cool sounding rumor was handled with a discussion about it and the hosts would say "That sounds really cool! We don't know anything about it but we like it" or something like that.

    So I guess my hope is to keep getting more of that. There is a lot of MS related tech news that pops up. Just keep telling us what you think about it. Make it your own show. Put your personality into it and it will do fine. Only thing I'd add for sure is more robot news. Maybe get Clint on a bit more to talk about how his robot army is coming along.

  • Ping 198: Plants vs Zombies, BBM and Photoshop Express for WP, Twitch on Xbox, The Garage and more Xbox

    If I had a garage and time to use it I'd make a robot that would patrol my yard while gently and humanely keeping the neighborhood cats from digging up my flower beds and garden.

    Something I'd like for the xbox one would be a little more interactivity. I like that it says hi when it sees me but it would be really cool if there was some small reaction if I say hi back. It's a fine line for sure; too much interactivity would be a bit creepy but right now it just seems too one sided.

  • Ping 197: Breaking records for nonprofits, Officially OneDrive, Nokia Treasure Tag, New Bing Apps, and ZOMBIES!

    I'd have to go with a freeze ray gun so I don't get a bunch of zombie gore on me. Then I'd get out of the ally and get back in my tank. Why was I out of my tank?

  • Ping 196: Robocop and Search with Bing, AMA Bill Gates, FAA, Nokia Icon and Wearable Skirt

    Welcome back Ping!

    Good show as always but #misslaurafoy

    I like the looks of the Lumia icon but aside from the fact that I'm on att I'm still happy with my 1020. Mary Jo Foley tweeted something about the icon not getting the glance screen which would kill the deal for me. As updates come out the glance screen just keeps getting better. I'm also hooked on the wireless charging and it would be hard to go back to a phone without it.


  • Defrag: Encryption, Backups, Distance Support

    Happy new years guys!

    Just want to make sure I understand about bit locker. I have a large USB3 Storage Space array that I've used bit locker on. Its bitlocker key is different than the system drive, are both stored in the tpm? The C drive bitlocker key is also backed up to my live account. I printed a hard copy of the Storage Space key in case I need it in the future. So I think you said I would still need it to attach to my tpm to use the key? If my SP1 that it's attached to dies or is lost do I also lose my Storage Space?

  • Defrag: Bad RAID, NAS vs Storage Spaces, IPV6

    @LarryLarsen:I get that 100% Larry. My desktop is still there (just powered off) and I hope for a future where perhaps I'll have time to use it again. Gaming lately is mostly minecraft with my son and the SP1 works well for that. Plus I did just get a new xbox one Smiley

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