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David Tesar

David Tesar dtzar extreme

Niner since 2007

For my bio and other ways to contact me, please visit: http://about.me/davidtesar

My blog can be found at: http://www.itproguy.com

Click here for the hundreds of videos I recorded from 2007-2010 (not on Channel 9) 

  • The Ops Team #26 - "Back in the Room!"
  • The Ops Team #25 - "Longest URL...IN THE WORLD"
  • How to Add a Windows Server as a Swarm Node - Part 3
  • Add Windows Containers behind Docker Swarm Cluster - Part 2
  • The Ops Team #023 - "Free, like a Puppy"
  • The Ops Team #022 - "Sehr gut!"
  • Running Docker Swarm on Microsoft Azure - Part 1
  • The Ops Team #21 - "Camara Catastrophe"
  • 9 | DevOps & Deployment Automation Best Practices with Octopus Deploy
  • How to Automate Deployment Using Octopus Deploy & VSTS

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