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  • Duncan Lawler - Virtual Earth 3D: What. How. Why.

    We appologize for the delay on international install, and believe me we weren't happy about the temporary restriction.

    The issue is actually not with the managed code at all, that uses correct formatting.  The problem is with how it interacts with jscript.  The site script sometimes helpfully formats stuff passed in to the control, but sometimes doesn't.  In some cases like bool types, it formats them and C# doesn't have a way to parse them back into bool.

    We only found the issues right before release and didn't feel comfortable throwing something out there completely untested.
    Just give us a couple of days to run a test pass and get the bugs out so we can deliver a quality release.
  • Duncan Lawler - Virtual Earth 3D: What. How. Why.

    We're working on getting a managed SDK available as soon as possible, we know there are a lot of people looking for it.

    The licensing will probably be similar to the jscript map control.

    GlobeControl is the right one to use for your managed apps.  The intent is that MapControl3D will be a filtered subset of methods that controls what is exposed to scripting.  GlobeControl will contain all the methods.
  • Duncan Lawler - Virtual Earth 3D: What. How. Why.

    Lots of issues in these threads, I'll try to answer what I can.

    About the site URI:
    With this release, the URI for the site is switching to maps.live.com.  The Virtual earth branding for the 3D view will be much more prominent.

    An earlier post said the 3D view was an ActiveX control.  This is incorrect.  Virtual Earth 3D is a managed control, which is a different beast entirely.  We have all of the built-in CLR code access security to help prevent attacks.
    We also mark it COM visible to allow native applications to easily use it.

    Lack of Firefox support:
    We would like to make the control available as broadly as possible, so we're looking into what this would take.  FF doesn't support loading managed controls natively.  With the FF ActiveX plug-in, you may be able to call the COM interface (we haven't tried yet).
    This is just the first beta release, so there's lots more to come.

    Running in browser vs. standalone app.
    Initially we were working on a standalone app, but the integration with the browser made a much more seamless user experience.  By developing this as a manged control, we can run in the browser, and easily create a standalone application later that uses the same control.

    Using the control in a managed app:
    This is definitely something we will be supporting in the future, we just didn't have time to document and usability test the managed interface yet.
    If you want to see an example winforms app, check David Buerer's blog https://heptazane.spaces.live.com/

    International support
    This will be coming soon, it just wasn't quite ready yet.