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  • Jason Flaks - What is Windows Media Connect?

    jorgen_veisdal wrote:

    It would be a great piece of software which myself and I'm sure alot of other people would use daily between there computers, if it supported (in my case) Windows Server 2003. This is the computere where all my harddrives are, this is the computer from which I want to copy stuff onto my tablet, this is the computer that needs Windows Media Connect, but isn't supported.

    Agreed. i got a Roku Soundbridge, and i need to make do with iTunes (which - well, let me say it politely - isn't perfect Wink, because WMC not only doesn't run under Windows Server 2003 (understabable, since the UPnP is missing) but, what is worse, also refuses to serve files from a network drive.

    While having WMC run on the Server would be ideal, i'd be perfectly happy havingit run on my (always on) desktop - if it could serve the mp3s located on my server... Sad. Let's hope WMC2 will at least fix the second part...

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  • Jason Flaks - Demo of Windows Media Connect


    i though i'd take the opportunity that this thread popped back up to the top to re-ask about Windows 2003 support Wink

    i ordered a Ruko M1000 and am anxiosuldy awaiting it's arrival, but unfortunately all my MP3 are on a 2003 server, not my main XP box. Since WMC supports /neither/ network shares nor running under 2003, i'm dreading having to go with some other server technology (say, Winamp or iTunes)...

    What are the chances (and time frames) of getting an update for WMC that will work under 2003 /or/ at least allow to share files from network drives...?

    any comments?