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  • Mike Klucher: XNA Framework games running on Zune

    uditha wrote:

    Did zune supports HLSL in 2d level?

    The Zune has no hardware-level shader support, so HLSL doesn't make sense.

    uditha wrote:
    if there a way to create games  easely on windows mobile
    then  xna is boarded the  limits.

    Windows Mobile support would be a natural progression, but there are literally hundreds of configurations that must be investigated, rather than one for the Zune.  Windows Mobile support is definitely being investigated, but there's nothing to announce right now.

    uditha wrote:
    And i think on the winows mobile
    there is a directX API and direct 3d.

    Those APIs are poorly supported on mobile devices, if they're supported at all.  I think this emphasizes the challenges Microsoft faces in supporting a full-fledged graphics API on mobile devices.