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  • First Look: Windows Phone 7 Series Hands on Demo

    I agree, I don't like it running off the page and off the screen, If your going to make a screen, at least make the text fit on the screen and not so big I cannot see all my SMS text messages in conversation view like Blackberry.. That start screen looks dumb.. I would rather see www.fav4.org, buttons for each item.  Though I think Windows 8 would do nice to provide a nice quick start desktop, rather than just rely on the start menu.. more like BlackBerry and Android OSs ..  and we can hide the startmenu finally as the main feature after taskbar..


    I have good apps on my blackberry.. and that UI makes sense to me..  this doesn't.  Here it looks like I have to swipe half a dozen screens just to get to SMS and contacts?  Seriously.. I want a phone 1st with other functionality second.  This certainly doesn't cover Keep It Simple Stupid.. the Font's are way too large.. and the back and forth button are too small.   The start menu on that phone looks like the quick start screen on Zune Software 4.  which I don't like either.  I like ZuneHD's start with a list.  There should also be a decent menu that applies to each screen on the phone like blackberry does.. I would like my Txt Messages and my Calendar and My Contacts and Call Log and Email easily accessable, thats why I use Blackberry..its simple and powerful.  I prefer texting over every other form of communication.. social or otherwise, its fast and easy. 


    This guy wants a social networking device.. I seriously don't want all that together which is why I turned off syncing windows spaces too..I wish he would of showed off using email, texting and calling.. not just everything else..  That calendar needs some color.. blackberry has a decent calendar color scheme already.. copy that. 


    I want a good looking business and media device that allows me to connect with people..  and the problem with facebook is people want to chat with you while your at work, so we don't like to be logged into facebook all the time.. I like the Zune Features he showed, the Email Features and Bing Search..  I totally hate Facebook.  Its too integrated..its like the poparatizy and everything all rolled into one place.. I want some friend seperate and there is a reason the people are on seperate social networking systems.. they don't need to know everything..   this guy wants to combine work and everything together.. and that is a horrible idea!!!!!!  Hello!  Just because you make Exchange and Have windows Live doesn't mean I want all these things merged together.. work is work and home is home, I'd like to keep it that way.


    i like silos.. it helps me keep everything organized!!!  One stop shop doesn't have to be about total integration, but total accessability, my blackberry is way more intuitive and easy to use, these things look knida vague and you need map with directions on how to get to a feature on this thing.

  • First Look: Windows Phone 7 Series Hands on Demo

    What about Imap and Pop3 accounts?  my Blackberry pushes and marks items deleted on the handheld and updates the online service by putting those in the trash.  I don't use the top 5 email sites but love my blackberry for this reason..  can we connect and sync with any email system that allow POP3 and IMAP connections [and with SSL]?


    Also what will be the supported media formats?


    What about Wifi and CDMA support?


    I love my blackberry and may not give it up for this.. so I'd like to know how much suppose we're looking at..  I don't own a mp3 player yet either.. but I like Zune Software for the PC and Media Player for organizing/visualations for parties over ITunes by far.


    Blackberry is by far the best business compatible phone and easy to use over all other phones on the market.  Will there be standard apps like a blackberry device?

    Task list



    What if you don't have all these social sites or exchange?  how useful will this be? 


    I hope Win7phones will have support for all this, otherwise I'll just upgrade my blackberry to a new one and Finally buy me an ipod.  The zune buttons are also too small for big fingers and I didn't find ZuneHD's interface that professional looking and too hard to use with big hands.

  • The Access Show: Access 2010 demo of Access Services and web databases

    I also refuse to develop a database for users using 2007 for development.  Layout and forms design might be little better but the whole UI sucks compared to Access 2003 which is way easier to develop on.  Seriously give developers the tools they need to make great databases, not for these people who don't know what a database is from a excel spreadsheet.  True databases need strong forms, datatypes like SQL ,Great reports, VBA macros with strong intellisense and data macros.. and it should way easier to create and edit queries, and the SQL editor is not even up to SSMS standards, nor does it have any functionality like Notepad for crying out loud.  And why cant Access themes all the controls a certain way, and why cant we write native SQL, why cant VS2005 QBE be included instead of the garbage query creator, and why cannot we create queries like the SSMS app.. and why cannot the navigation bar not be so hard to see the objects, there is too many customized objects view and too large of text, and too big of icons, and no tree like SSMS view of a SQL Server database in VS.  And why cannot security be simple to implement like a SQL server access.   And why doesn't access have F5 to run querys and why cannot I write a  SQL statement in VBA to read data from a table like I would in a query.. why is everything not compatible with TSQL when porting the SQL behind a JET QBE query, and why doesn't the ODBC use a one time security password for the connection and not to all tables..  why do I have to go through so many screens to import a table, and why is VBA not color coded to make our life easier.. and why cannot I reference a table field in VBA by just doing: table.field.value = where record id field = my index number.  


    All this these so called features in 2010 are for dumb end users who cannot see and are blind and these examples for databases are always like I build a form with a table in design grid, that is my database.. no real develop creates an Access databases that way.. .  2007 only made the end user feel better about using Access.  It did absolutely nothing to help developers make better databases or make development of databases easier.. and I agree with the previous comment..   even the import wizard is a piece of crap.. I've tried to import over 40+ different Text and XLS file formats and had to modify most by hand before Access could even import half of them with any type of success rate to get past the wizard.


    I need SQL DataTime Stamp as Access Table datatype..  Date/Time does absolutely jack for tracking timestamps formatting a field control or input mask or display format of the table column doesn't do anything for this.   Hire some real app developers from the SQL team to create a application that is better for developers.. not office secretary.  Take your head out of your *, this application needs a smarter Project Manager, who actually knows developers hate Access 2007 with a passion, and don't think MS listens to www.MakeOfficeBetter.com


    All the examples on the Access Blog, are from people who don't know UI design and build garbage databases..  I've only been developing databases in Access for 3 years, and would like a really IDE for creating databases that is powerful, not stupid.   


    Having tables is not a database, its just an overglorified excel spreadsheet.. come on, developers need some real respect from MS. 

    UX designers need to know, UX makes all the difference.. and clearly having 5 versions of Access exactly the same with a new version number is not progress.. then making the next one with less user space, crappy UI ribbons and over zealously database window pane is not progress.. and nobody worries about having the ability to upload access database data to Sharepoint.. that is why its in the F'in database so we can do data analysis, charts, graphs, reports for managers (not the kind at microsoft, but those who care about quality, numbers and productivity, tracking info from materials, production systems, employee performance, employee records, anything and everything.. not some stupid.. spreadsheet as a database. 


    Have I said it, you really need to get rid of the Project Managers for Access and Just look down the hall the SQL Server and Visual Studio teams.. to create a better Version of Access. 


    If Access was just used for personal at home use, which is not even included in the SOHO version of OFFICE, people at home don't do mini databases, they use Excel, businesses use Access all the time and not sharepoint for anything out side of storing a copy of query data on a portal site.  And no, they are not collaborating on multiple people updating that sharepoint xls file.   Depite what you think people are doing with Access and Sharepoint, we dont develop databases to do that.. its not needed, since Access databases can be accessed on a network drive and locked down with Active directory permissions..  they VPN in to use the database, which Access Multiuser record locking is F'ing broken too.. and has been in Access 97..


    Clearly the Access team is very dumb..  fire them all, please for the love of God, make a better access version for developers, PLEASE!!!!





  • Windows 7: Find and Organize Part 1 - The User Experience


    I'm sorry to say that I tested W7 Beta extensively with the Windows Explorer and Libraries are very inconsistant, horribly broken and don't work well with WMP12.   The default behavior keeps changing, doesn't always show the same thing every time you open the folder location editor, and the help is not consistant with designed behavior and Windows Explorer is worse than XP.   I sent a lot of feedback yesterday through the system under Programs/File Management/Organize.  This is not good, who the heck tests this stuff?  Its not working but half the time.  WMP12 doesn't even find Videos in the Video Library.  You cannot even click into the My or Public folders in Documents, Pictures and Videos, but you can in Music???  Why is so strange.. the details come up differently under each Library too.. and people are confused because even the My and Public Folders are virtual names..  XP Windows Explorer just worked.  Also I can no longer use the White Space to bring up the correct Right Context Menus.. it always wants to high light and select stuff I don't want to click on.  Why is this so functionally broken??    Get your team in order!

    Having a broken, inconsistant and crazy behavior is un-acceptable.  I might have to stick with Vista or XP instead if you cannot get this right.  Libraries are just a search targeted to specific folders and yet it doesn't even work.