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  • InfoCard - Deep Architecture

    Interesting video....

    I would like to know how this compares to SXIP?

    Also how does this fit in with Microsoft Passport? (It seems like Passport attempted to solve this problem already, does this mean Passport fell short of its orginal goals. why?)

    Cheers Ed.

  • Windows, Part IV - Dave Probert

    Great videos guys - easily the best series to date - thanks a lot, just the right depth, although I thought I was feeling a touch of the 'bends' towards the end, will have to view using helium next time Smiley

    Currently just studying a university module on concurrency and these videos really bring to life the concepts we’re learning.

    How about an interview with the man himself, Dave Cutler? Having read Show Stopper it seems we might not have gotten NT without him.