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efortier efortier
  • Life and Times of Anders Hejlsberg

    Wow, great show. Are there other episodes? I couldn't find any but I read in a blog that someone did watch other episodes.


  • Tomas Palmer and Tolga Acar - Crypto in Windows Vista

    clovejoy wrote:
    Why doesn't the Tech evangelist guy let the crypto guys answer the questions themselves. I think he is annoying.
    I agree with you. He should really get his act together and give the mike, so to speak, to the person(s) he is interviewing instead of always laughing and making jokes.

    I stopped downloading any video made by Scobble some time ago and I thought I'd try this one since crypto is something I'm very interested in. Very infuriating when you have interesting guests that can't answer for themselves.
  • Rob Kenny - Application Compatibility

    I've watched a lot of videos from channel 9 and always download the new stuff; I really enjoy the fact that microsoft is working hard to show us what goes on behind the scenes and how they work on their products.

    I don't want to undermine the hard work of people involved in making those videos, but the constant giggling and out-of-nowhere laughter of one of the interviewer is incredibly annoying.

    It's especially bad when the laughter covers part of the answers of the people in videos.

    Lastly, please, when you ask a question of your guests let them answer and don't cut their answer in the middle. An interview with Jim Allchin comes to mind where the interviewer asked a question and in the middle of the answer he said something and we never got to know the full answer to the original question.


  • John Merrill – First Look at Exchange 12

    man, your office looks like a warzone!
  • Jeffrey Snover - More talking about Monad

    I must say that Jeffrey is one of the most interesting and passionate guy I ever saw! It's really encouraging to see such quality people working on software we'll be using daily.

    One thing that I find surprising is that the issue of security has never been raised yet. With the power of Monad, it seems that evil scripters gnomes are just waiting for all of us to have this great tool running on our computers.

    Maybe you guys could raise that issue on your next interview with Jeffrey and his team?

    Great interview!


  • Daniel Lehenbauer - Demo of Avalon 3D

    I'm surprised no one asked... What's the story with the Amiga poster on Daniel's wall?

    And why revive the Boing demo?

    Big Smile