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Messaging, Mobility, Management and collaboration. My "Official" biography is here: http://www.microsoft.com/uk/technet/team/Eileen_Brown.mspx


  • Navigating officer on super tankers?! You heard right.

    Pocket XP:  I treasure my UK Department of Trade Class II (Deck) ticket.  A long Apprentiship and loads of hard work went into gaining that Smiley.  I'm married to a Grease Monkey (Engineer) - although there'll be hell on if he knew I'd called him that!  This place is full of amazing people.  Just across from me in the hot desk area sits an ex Captain (now a Platform Strategy Advisor).  Diverse indeed...

    Out180:  thanks for watching the video.  What the heck is a squid - or a costie?  I'm sure I didn't sail with either of those?  or did I?

    Sabot:  I owe you wine.  Much wine... Thanks for the kind words, you made my day

    Kintan:  Thanks for letting me know about my 26 minutes of fame and Kudos to you for yours too Big Smile
    An_Angel:  A star as usual.  But you know that as I spent 10 minutes of my video talking about your girly geek dinners.   Thank you for your kind words...