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  • A lap around Visual Studio 11 Express for Metro style apps using C++

    So for all you Silverlight is dead zombies out there. What we have here is the best possible outcome. What this is, is the start of the indocrination of C++ developers into the WPF/Silverlight world. They are merging VS with Ex Blend which is what we want. So, if you are worried that your browser based apps will be useless in Metro. You can relax because this is better. Now we will be able to port our Silverlight plugin based apps to a Windows 8 Metro style application that runs on a tablet with no browser or bandwidth issues. Since Windows apps don't work on an iPad anyway it is a non-issue to claim "it won't work on an iPad". This is the first step to mirroring your PC experience into your tablet device. This is something Apple cannot do. The idea that the world is going to embrace going backward to Java Script based UI to accomodate Apple is rediculous. imo