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    Check out the changes to the schedule.  It now says that AT&T expects the updates to be out of testing phase in early April 2011.  That's definitely a step in the right direction.


    Don't forget the so called Feburary ship date was originally estimated to be in November soon after the phone was released (this is what Paul Thurrot was told at least), then it got moved to January, then to Feburary, then to first half of March, then to second half of March, now the first half of April.  The future estimated release date will be last half of April, then the 1st half of May then the second half of May.  Getting my point?

  • Countdown to MIX11: Joe Belfiore Talks Phone

    The current update process has the potential to kill the phone...  Hopefullly somone at Microsoft is listening... Let me give you my current early adopter experience:
    1. First Samsung Focus Screen Cracked into a million peices in my hand. No dropping needed.
    2. Second Phone has an annoying issue where battery drains to nothing even when charged, and I have to pull the battery.
    3. Putting in SD Card to add space worked for a week, then destroyed my phone.
    4. First Update that came out destroyed my phone... I had to restore....
    5. Second Update still hasnt gone out... and still have no date.
    I don't appreciate the laughter and tone of this post like its a big joke when I am sticking my neck out there right now supporting this phone and I can't even tell people a date when an update comes out....  This is NOT FANTASTIC...


    haaa this kinda sounds like peoples experience with early xbox 360s oddly enough (another MS product).  The early 360 owners woes typically went something like this: First my DVD drive stopped working, then my xbox wouldn't power on, then I had three red lights, then my DVD drive stopped working again, then I had etc etc. 

    Note: as far as I know the current xbox works great and I'm not trying to bash xbox hardware it just read like so many xbox related threads from a few years back.

  • Countdown to MIX11: Joe Belfiore Talks Phone

    Thanks for the reply Joe it is appreciated.  I bought my Samsung Focus the first day it was available.  I do love it and it is truly the best smart phone I have ever used.  That said it is in desperate need of an update.  Unfortunately it needs a lot more updating then Microsoft is currently talking about.  For example why is there no turn by turn direction in the maps app?  I could go on with what the phone needs to actually compete in the current market.  This is of little consequence since I never expect to see even the first update.  Just so it's clear Joe and Windows Phone team when a carrier (in particular AT&T) has an opportunity to test an update before it ships they will do everything in their power to stall the update indefinitely. It is not in their interest to ever release that update.  Also they do not care about the success or failure of Windows Phone nor do they care about their customers.  Trust me on the last point I've tried to deal with them several times.  It was a huge mistake to have the carriers touch the updates at all and now Microsoft is paying for it.

    Again it is a great first gen product.  Maybe when the second gen phones are released everyone will be able to finally get that update. And maybe updating will be out of the carriers hands.  Of course this assumes the phone survives that long.  Microsoft Kin anyone?