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  • Jim Allchin - The Longhorn Update

    BOFH: That was the most interesting and enlightening thread that I've read on Channel 9 since I started following discussions in these forums. I'm obviously going to have to pay strict attention to your replies in the future!

    On this whole subject I'd just like to cast my vote on what's happening and say that I'm very glad MS delayed everything to get XP SP2 ready, at last a response to the people who want MS to take the responsibility for protecting non-technical users. It's a shame that it has pushed the dates for Longhorn back but at least they've admitted that they can't finish it all in the time available and have made a decision about how to handle it. If this is the direction that MS are heading in these days then I, for one, would say this is A Good Thing.

    If what I've said reads as incredibly naive then please put me right but after years of everyone hating MS for, well, being basicaly bastards a lot of the time, this does feel like a change for the better.