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Niner since 2010

  • What's New In C# 6.0

    "If you wish to enforce a team policy that no one is allowed to use ?. there's now a really easy way to do it."

    @ljw1004:Hey now don't be waving guns around in crowded rooms.

  • What's New In C# 6.0

    I still don't know what exactly the Java world thinks it has on C#/.NET... this is very quickly becoming Direct3D vs OpenGL where Microsoft entertained the illusion of an even match for a little bit in the beginning...

  • What's New in XAML

    Does anyone actually write WinRT apps or does everyone just write WinRT demos? Why are we doubling down on reinventing the wheel here at a snail's pace, agitating WPF and Silverlight developers until they leave for other platforms? When you lost Josh Smith, that should have been a dire wake-up call. I don't think anyone had as much passion for XAML and WPF, and you screwed him with this abomination called WinRT. Now his income comes from teaching .NET developers how to migrate to Apple platforms.

  • What’s New in Visual Studio 2013 for C++ Developers

    I want C++/CLI and P/Invoke for Windows Mobile 8. No developer cares about WinRT; if they did then sales wouldn't be so miserable.

  • Inside Windows 8: Pedro Teixeira - Thread pools

    You got this behaving with .NET garbage collections finally? SWEET!!  Now make it so I don't need a separate IOCP/blocking thread for job object events, or a separate IOCP/blocking thread for registered I/O. Come on, you dropped the ball with that after solving everything else. No I'm not gonna go use event handles, that's for n00bz.