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  • Developing a Windows Store app

    @LunicLynx:The JavaScript version of Windows 8 appeals to a large market of web developers who either don't come from the .NET world or who prefer writing their applications using a highly dynamic and functional language. The WinJS library feels very familiar to what a modern front-end developer would be used to. The various parts of WinJS are modularized so that you can easily swap out functionality using whatever favorite front-end library you want to use. On Friday there is a session about using jQuery syntax instead to do many of the common interactions that web developers are used to.

    • Using templates in the DOM is a standard approach used by many libraries such as the deprecated jQuery Templ library, JSRender, Handlebars.js, etc...
    • As you mentioned Intellisense has gotten a lot better in Visual Studio 2012 and if you want even more you can start to play around with TypeScript by Anders (creater of C#). As you mentioned it will give you rich typing and some helper syntax around classes, modules, etc. I would imagine they didn't introduce TypeScript in a session like this in order to make the examples easier to grasp without adding too much new syntax. The barrier to entry by adding too many too things can be overwhelming for some in the audience.
    • Live coding any demo is a risk regardless of the language. I thought the presenters did a great job. Demos are a tricky business because you want a large audience to be able to grock the new concepts you are explaining in a way that is understandable.

    The nice thing about the JavaScript option for Windows 8 apps is that it is bringing in a whole different crowd to the Windows platform. Just yesterday a very talented  web developer using a Mac tweeted me that he is now interested in installing Windows 8 in order to play around with making Windows 8 JavaScript apps. This is something he has never had a desire to do before, which is a huge win for Microsoft.

    The great thing about making Windows 8 apps is that you have a choice. If you feel more comfortable making XAML/C# apps, then more power to you. If you have a strong front-end background and are productive using those paradigms, then HTML5/JavaScript apps are the way to go. 


  • Exterminati​ng Common jQuery Bugs

    @MehdiKhalili @jcreamer898 @pawood @Rhysling:Thanks for taking the time to watch the presentation. I hope you learned a couple of things that you didn't already know. You can find the slides to the talk hosted on my github account http://bit.ly/find-jquery-bugs-slides

  • Exterminati​ng Common jQuery Bugs

    @Islamath:Yeah, with the rewrite of the event module all of the event methods are currently one line pass throughs to the new .on() method Wink I'm glad you enjoyed the talk. Thanks for stopping by

  • Introduktion till Template i ASP.NET MVC 2

    Thanks for sharing this great screencast. Although I don't speak Swedish I was able to follow along Wink


    What screencast software did you use? I like the one you used.


    Expect a tech tweet tomorrow to your blog Wink

  • Hanselminut​es on 9 - ASP.NET MVC 2 Preview 1 with Phil Haack and Virtual Scott

    Great stuff Phil & Scott... about to download and start using in my project Wink