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Elmer elmer I'm on my very last life.
  • WM10 Outlook Client - Are Media Queries supported ?

    Just tested the HTML email with the free preview on Litmus, and the iPhone-6s email client preview appears to display the responsive layout, as expected, but unfortunately Litmus doesn't have a WM10 Outlook client preview for me to verify if this is a limitation of Outlook on WM10, or a problem with my HTML.

    I thought that Outlook on earlier versions of WM supported Media Queries, and I would have thought that Outlook on WM10 should support Media Queries (being mobile and all that) but I guess that nothing is for sure with MS's modern - what works today may be broken tomorrow - "agile" software.

  • WM10 Outlook Client - Are Media Queries supported ?

    The native Outlook Client on WM10 is driving me nuts by appearing to totally ignore the Media Queries of our responsive HTML email-campaign designs... forcing the email to scale the desktop layout and making it pretty much unreadable.

    The same basic HTML viewed with Edge on WM10 correctly honours the Media Queries and is presented the way it should be doing in Outlook.

    Am I just screwing it up (always my first assumption) or does Outlook on WM10 lack support for Media Queries ?

  • Intel Atom no more?

    , magicalclick wrote

    Atom was aimed at netbook or mini tablets. Ever since Surface Pro shows Atom is irrelevant, it makes sense to drop it. Atom is never a phone processor, so, it isn't quitting phone market when it never join the fight.

    Intel had Atom processors aimed directly at phones and there were some Android implementations using them - The Asus ZenFone 2 and Lenovo P90 spring to mind - which were actually pretty powerful units.

  • Intel Atom no more?

    I thought that AMD killed the SkyBridge project last year, for pretty much the same reasons as Intel killed the low-end Atom - insufficient projected ROI.

  • Intel Atom no more?

    @magicalclick: More or less... except that the docking "computer" would extend the phone's  functionality to full desktop mode, not boot from a separate image. i.e. Both phone and dock can access/maintain the base mobile & universal apps & settings, but only the dock can access/maintain the desktop & w32 apps & settings Sort of like a differencing disk hierarchy concept I guess?

  • Intel Atom no more?

    I would still contend that the phone itself doesn't need to be an Intel device in order to offer the ability to run an x86/64 version of W10.

    If the dock itself was the x86/64 (embedded W10) device and some part of the phone was effectively a personal portable boot-disk, then those business needs for occasional access to a full W10 desktop experience could still be met.

  • HP X3 Elite announced!

    , cbae wrote


    I'm not sure how that's a limitation of ARM rather than simply being a limitation of Windows 10 Mobile.

    I actually referred to "the basic nature of WM on the ARM device" because that's the only combination offered now, and that's how WM works now on the existing ARM WP devices.

    Perhaps a WM-Intel (surface) device will change the expectations of what WM should do when docked, and see MS change it, perhaps it won't.

  • Annoying "Get W10" updates

    , ScottWelker wrote

    , elmer wrote


    However, the lesson for the business is often - and increasingly - that the technology (Windows or the device) is untrustworthy.

    I think that Microsoft's business priorities have always overridden their technical priorities.

    I guess at the end of the day, it's all part of that Shareholder-Customer responsibility trade-off that all publicly listed technology enterprises suffer from.

  • HP X3 Elite announced!

    I'm still not sure I'm willing to accept the current Continuum model as being something I'd want to use.

    As I understand it, while Continuum allows you to go "desktop-like" with a Monitor-Keyboard-Video, it doesn't change the basic nature of WM on the ARM device, and it remains single maximized app in the foreground type of experience... although a 2nd can be displayed on the device itself.

    Perhaps an Intel version of the concept is what I'm hoping for, to provide that normal multi-window (multi-monitor?) desktop experience, even if you choose to run your w32 apps remotely.

  • Annoying "Get W10" updates

    @TheTraveler: Much and all as the GWX thing is a huge mistake on MS's part, and I truly hate it, nevertheless... the IT guys responsible for this need to be sacked.

    Seriously, you have a mission-critical broadcast device, and you can't be bothered configuring the 2 registry settings to ensue this won't happen ?